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Hi, I am almost 45, 1.75m and 66Kg. I have two questions. I'm running a half marathon on 17th September. My last half (my 4th) was in May and my time was just under 1:38. I'd love to improve on this. I am doing some speed work and hills training sessions etc but my questions are: 1: what would the ideal pace for my long runs be? My goal racepace would be approx 7:15mm, my average running pace is approx 7:45 (so when I just go out for a run when not training for anything).  2: I seem to struggle with the last couple of miles - flagging energy etc. I plan to train over the distance so at least 14-15 miles as my longest run which I haven't done previously. I was also thinking to try increasing my pace for the last 10% of my long run to see if that helps my performance. Any advice is appreciated. Thankyou.


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