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Ive been running for around 4 weeks so i am relatively new to the world of running. My main sport is cycling in which i have been riding 150+miles a week for around 6months now. I have never been able to run my whole life and building up my fitness through cycling i thought it was time to have a go at running. My first run was 2miles in about 24mins and my next was 5k in 35mins which i was very proud of just for finishing!! I am also currently well over Weight and currently on a weightloss programme having lost 31lbs with approximately 20 still to go. My first 10k came 2 weeks later in a time of 1:12 and my next 10k today ten days later in 1:08 while feeling good running. My 5k time is now at around 33mins and I currently run a 5k and a 10 k each week as well as cycling. As i am still losing weight i would like to hit a sub 30 5k over the next few months. Is there any workouts i should be doing to increase speed or what should i be doing to cut my 5k time as i have no experience running in the past! Any advice would he great thanks 


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