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  • Hello - quick one from me. Have pulled out of Manchester marathon (deferred) as PF still not gone. I'm assuming it's PF, haven't seen anyone about it. Not ran for about 6 weeks, it is definitely getting better, but still there - so going to give it …
  • Hello - quick one from me. Have pulled out of Manchester marathon (deferred) as PF still not gone. I'm assuming it's PF, haven't seen anyone about it. Not ran for about 6 weeks, it is definitely getting better, but still there - so going to give it …
  • Spoons - very much appreciate you sending me that program - I'll pm you my email addr. Hello SQ/Tom/Jools. Tom, I've had a bad year too with family issues, I'll bore you all about it one day.
  • Hello all. I had signed up for Manchester marathon next year but have been hit by what I think is plantar fasciitis, so going to rest it and see how I get on, recovery could take a long time so may have to bin marathon, we shall see. Hope you're all…
  • civil war is the only option, surely?
  • HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........................................ what a shambles. Good job everyone.
  • SQ - running going ok - bit hot though innit?! Did Wilmslow half a few weeks ago, this race was postponed from March due to snow and ice. Did ok, 1hr22, was warm but I enjoyed it. I am now training to a 10day/11day plan, where basically fit two week…
  • Hello all....no autumn marathon for me, signed up for Manchester half but that's all. Will check in every now and again.
  • I need to start running again as I'm still eating as if I'm running 70mi/wk.
  • Your report made me chuckle Macca....
  • Enjoy yourself?!  Great reports John and HA.
  • Wow Jooligan, what a story - similar to many others too I imagine. Taking of sub3 pacers, I was behind both red and green sub3 pacers for a while in 1st half, they were definitely going too fast, I passed them both just to get ahead of the crowds an…
  • Good luck Reg.
  • I can't imagine MarathonFoto are going to do very good business. 
  • Over 1st half I passed 2075 runners, 177 passed me. 2nd half I passed 429, 174 passed me. Felt like about 1000 people passed me in the last mile.
  • Not done Abingdon but have done Chester a few times, a great marathon, very well organised, a nice city to spend the weekend. There are a few unwelcome hills towards the end. I would choose whichever is closer...
  • Great report AWC. Well done for getting it done. Funny how on the embankment you felt sad the race was ending soon, I just wanted it over so much by then.  That was where I was imploding, literally. My form was deteriorating as if I was collapsing i…
  • Hazel - sign up for that one in 3 weeks....do one more long run if you can and a tempo and/or some intervals, then taper for two weeks....and the weather will be perfect, guaranteed. 
  • hey Charlotte, that's a great time considering the lack of training. Well done!
  • Well done Andy. That sure was a baptism of fire. Hardest one I've ever done. Got Tuesday legs today, was hoping I'd get away with all the post marathon shite. No more marathons for me for at least 12 months. Got the postponed Wilmslow half at end of…
  • How are you finding these people?
  • Ramjet - After yesterday's race I'd quite happily take a boring Manchester, and £45 is quite a lot cheaper than London for me, especially as start is just up the road...
  • Sounds like you had a similar day to me SQ, except you were a bit quicker and a bit pukier. Well done. You could have made an extra effort for that sub 3 though! Manchester is currently £45 but prices are going up next week sometime I think...they g…
  • Quick crappy report before I delete from my memory. Was initially aiming for around the 2:50 mark...some of my training runs and a recent 10k made me think this was possible, some of my MP runs made me think that 2:55 was probably more accurate. I w…
  • Last few miles were worse I've ever been at the end of a marathon. Was totally done in. Managed to keep running, but was just a weird shuffle, thought I was going to collapse at finish line. Stupid weather.
  • Sorely tempted to cheat myself this year.
  • Well done HA and Joe - I like the way you weren't bothered by the heat...not. Maybe I over worried, I don't know...just felt too hot for me from the start, all the faffing about at each water stop trying to douse myself with as much water as possibl…
  • Ooof. I do have DOMS after all.
  • I think I hit the wall (or bonked) in the last few miles...just felt like I ran out of energy, could only shuffle to the finish, like running through treacle etc. Was not pleasant at all. Once I got some food and drink down me at the finish I was fi…