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Al Runs
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  • Thank you! My number was 541 and finish time 2:59:14
  • Shadowfax - don't suppose you have any more photos or vids from the final track lap? 
  • Smashed it Chownsie! Oh yeah did anyone else notice that the 21 mile marker was a quarter of a mile further down the road than it should have been?? Still buzzing...
  • Awesome photo! Big smile and leaving everyone else for dead. Congratulations world record holder!
  • Pipes - do you now hold the playing card world record?? That headwind in the last few miles must have been fun! Thanks for your encouraging words before the race about sub3. I honestly wasn't really entertaining it as a possibility until you egged m…
  • Good work LessFat! Very very happy with my first sub 3. 3:05 was the target but felt pretty good up to 18 then just held on for dear life and managed a final surge to sneak under 3 hours. 2:59:14. Great day out all round.
  • Good morning and best of luck everyone
  • Thanks David - good useful info
  • Pipes - your 2004 negative split sounds heroic! Must have been feeling good that day! Love the costume by the way. Wind could be an issue... Who here has run this year's course before and can provide some inside information? Is it really pancake f…
  • Oh no Pipes, get well soon. Still enough time to be fighting fit before race day. What costume are you going to be wearing and what's the current record? I am sorely tempted to set out at sub 3 pace but I blew up at mile 20 in my last marathon (Lo…
  • Just had a quick read through and catch up - good running everyone! After a few injury niggles I'm very relieved to have made it to the taper. 10k PB last weekend in 37:26 which is good for the confidence. Trying to resist believing the marathon p…
  • Hi Flo I have a spare place, will send you a message. Al
  • Hi Rachel - I've got a place going if you're still interested? Will send you a message 
  • Unfortunately my wife has had to pull out of the Abingdon Marathon so we have a spare place going. Send me a direct message if you're interested. Thanks, and happy training everyone! I'm off for my 20 miler, legs still heavy from a midweek thresho…
  • Cmc7 - I've had similar experience with P&D leaving me tired out, so I'm definitely approaching it with caution this time and aiming to listen to my body more. Like you say, I'm going to make sure I do the sessions with good quality and then tot…
  • John - I'm also following P&D but I've decided to go for the up to 55M schedule as I've been a bit injury prone recently. Might throw in some extra miles if I start feeling more resilient. How did you get on with that first lactate run?
  • (Sorry everyone else, that should maybe be on the P&D thread...)
  • Nader- sound likes a sensible choice. Tom- that's decent mileage for a first marathon, good to hear training's going well. Had a quick stalk of your posts and looks like you're pretty speedy too! Any specific feedback/thoughts on P&D 55-70 12 …
  • Thanks Millsy. I've got the P&D book and followed the up to 55 for my last marathon. I'd like to up my mileage a little but 55-70 seems a bit much. But they do feel like well put together schedules (along with all the training tips). So I'm th…
  • In - my first marathon since London 2013. The wife has got a place too. We've booked an airbnb in Abingdon. My A goal will be sub 3.05. Currently thinking about picking a training schedule. What's everyone else going for?
  • Afraid it's gone now, hope you find a place Laura.
  • Hi Scott, it's yours if you want it. I've just PM'ed you with my email address.
  • not sure my messages are working so please reply to the thread. apologies!
  • Oh hey it's you guys. Any takers for Leicester marathon in October?
  • Barcelona was excellent last year. I'd definitely recommend it. Only downside was it got quite hot for the second half. Think it was around 21 degrees on the day. Great city though and really good course. To me it felt slightly flatter than London. …
  • Thanks for signing guys. I agree I don't think it will make a difference but might as well try. And yes, it is a terribly worded petition... ("We are partitioning Virgin that...") Mark - the people who are most annoyed are those that purposely p…
  • There's a petition against the VLM GFA changes here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Give_the_London_marathon_good_for_age_times_one_year_grace Even if you don't feel that strongly about it, consider signing it for me - the creator of the great…
  • Me too! Phoned them one week ago and they practically promised me GFA times wouldn't change. So much for my 3.09...
  • Dammit GFA goalposts have been moved after I was assured by the marathon office last week it would stay the same. My 3.09 is now no good, male 18 - 40 now sub 3.05
  • Great report Men. Sounds like you showed true grit to hold on in those last few miles. Congratulations on a well-earned sub 3.