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  • Better that than weather like the last couple of days DT!
  • 4 more miles this morning - felt decent again.
  • After a week of no running for various reasons, I got out for 4 this morning which felt quite good actually.  286 YTD 
  • DT - yes, enjoyed it thanks. Might make it a regular thing (although not as regular as the physio suggested - once every 4/6 weeks sounds expensive!). How is the taper going? 4 miles today. First run for a week, and it felt significantly better th…
  • Funnily enough I had a sports massage tonight - first one I’ve ever had. Confirmed to me that my right leg is full of tightness compared to my left. Makes sense given all my niggles tend to be in that leg.
  • Haha, 25 mpw seems to be enough to break me! Great week's mileage DT, to round off a great training block by the sounds of it. Enjoy (!) the taper! No running for me since last week. I was feeling so drained during my short runs last week that I j…
  • Blimey MrM2, does sound a bit busy! 3.5 for me last night. Having a rest this weekend to try and sort my achey legs out! 282 YTD 
  • Thanks Nell - parkrun isn't until next Saturday though, not tomorrow. But I hope your faith in me is justified. Annoyingly, the official results from Sunday show my chip time as 43.00, so I was even closer to sub43 than I originally thought! 3.5 m…
  • Yep, well done JGav! Results from Sunday's race have my chip time at 43.00 exactly! Oh for 1 second! 3.5 last night, felt even worse than the night before. Surely the race will be out of my legs soon?!
  • Stephen - hope the further tests give you some answers and a route back to full health and fitness soon! 5 miles for me last night. Legs felt quite achey, but hopefully that has got that out of the way and they will start to feel better from tonigh…
  • I should really do more strengthening exercises too. I'm going to investigate the 10k further - I don't fancy slogging round it unless it has pb potential, so if it's hilly or too off road then I'll give it a miss. There is another local road 10k w…
  • Firstly the good stuff - congrats to you Harmander for your award which I'm sure is richly deserved! Next the commiserations - sorry to hear that things didn't go to plan Nell. There is always next time and you will have learnt a lot from the exper…
  • There is a possible 10k on 28th April, but nothing else locally in April and then from May I have cricket on Saturday's which leaves me knackered on a Sunday so it would be pointless racing. I am planning parkruns on 20 April and possibly also at t…
  • Thanks Alehouse. I definitely intend to keep training hard through April and maybe early May to target a 5k pb as well before getting into base training for the summer.
  • Reporting in with a new 10k pb of 43.02 this morning!  270 YTD 
  • Well I went and surprised myself with a 23 second pb this morning - 43.02! Slightly disappointed to miss out on sub 43 which had been my target for the training year to this spring (remember that due to cricket over the summer I put running on a ba…
  • Good to hear from you Nell and well done on the pb! David - enjoy the holiday and if you need to rest up the injury while you’re away don’t be afraid to do so. 11 miles so far this week - all easy paced as part of my taper for Sunday’s 10k. Still…
  • It will come JGav - I imagine you’re still struggling with sleep so you won’t be having real recovery time at the moment. Keep on going though! Had my last run before the race this afternoon, just 4 easy paced miles. I’ve done 11 miles this week, a…
  • 22 - great stuff DT. You sound bang on track for where you would want to be this close to the marathon. Good luck at the nationals too! Forecast looks perfect for this Sunday - 11c, cloudy and a light breeze. I just want to get to the start line no…
  • Well, since last posting I managed 4 on Thursday which felt ok, 5 on Friday which felt better and then 7 today which felt like normal and came in with an 8.40 average pace which I was pleased with.  Will try a couple of miles at target race pace wi…
  • Managed 7 quite comfortably today, so got past 250 before the end of March. 251 YTD 
  • 5 for me tonight. Up to 244 YTD. Need 6 on Sunday to be on track after 3 months.
  • Thanks Harmander - did 4 today and they felt ok actually. Hoping for similar tomorrow and a long one at the weekend to get to 250 by month end! 239 YTD 
  • 4 really ropey miles last night - going through a really rough patch at the moment, not sure what is wrong but I just feel rubbish and lacking in energy in every run! Will persevere and try again tonight. 235 YTD
  • Looks like I have no option but to take a couple of easy weeks. I went out for a mini session last night, intending to do 2.5 miles at tempo and had to quit the session after just a mile. Felt weak, light headed and like my legs were full of lead. P…
  • Well done both DT and JGav - sounds like successful HMs for you both! At the moment, I feel a little like my body is all over the place. I've not been able to shake this cold for 2 weeks now, and the bad back (a result of the excessive coughing) is…
  • And well done on the pb Cal!
  • Well done on 600 Harmander. Rest up David - your description of your physio’s work made me chuckle too I have to say! 4 more for me today. Ran out of time (pardon the pun) for anything longer in the end. 231 YTD 
  • So so far I’ve taken the ‘safe’ approach and just did another short easy paced run yesterday. Will try a long one on Sunday (9 miles). If I feel ok early next week I’ll probably do one last LT session next Tuesday/Wednesday.