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  • DT - my easy/long run pace is around 8.50-9mm pace, so 70-80secs off that would be in the 7.40mm region which the calculators say then. Thanks, I'll use that pace on my next MP run.
  • Thanks DT - the problem I had was trying to work out what MP would be! The calculators would suggest, based off my 10k pb time, that MP was around 7.40mm but that seemed a little sharp to me hence running the MP miles at 8mm. Need to re-jig my week…
  • Unlucky DT - 9 seconds is nothing. Have you got another half coming up any time soon? Or is it now full on marathon focus? 8 miles for me yesterday. I stuck in a couple of miles in the middle a bit quicker at 8mm pace as some sort of an attempt at …
  • Well done today’s racers! Just a long run for me today. 8 miles getting me to 150 YTD 
  • That's very decent for 5k Hobie, very decent indeed. 5.5 miles again last night, all at easy pace this time though. 137 YTD
  • As a follow-up, did 5.5 miles last night which came out at 8.47 average, which is a good 10 seconds per mile quicker than it usually is for this sort of run, for the same effort. I wonder if some training adaptations have kicked in? Might explain th…
  • 5.5 easy miles as a recovery run today.  137 YTD 
  • Welcome back from your trip Nell. Harmander - too much toe information for me! 5.5 miles tonight for me, including 3.5 at threshold pace (7.08 average pace), to kick things off for this week. 131.5 YTD 
  • Amazingly knocked out the best feeling run for about 3 weeks! 1.5 warm up, 3.5 tempo miles (7.06, 7.09, 7.05, 7.10 paces for a 7.08 average) and a warm down. Very comfortable and bang on target pace.
  • Alehouse - you are no doubt absolutely correct. I can't even blame lack of time, given that as DT says I could probably do a decent strengthening regime in less than 10 minutes two evenings a week whilst watching TV! I think the problem is twofold -…
  • Well done David - very good pb! Definitely more to come from you, if you find a smaller race where you don't get held up so much. Well done on getting through 200 as well! Harmander - 300 already! Well done.
  • JGav - could be a blessing in disguise, given the other priorities you have which will be eating into training time! 8.5 long run for me yesterday. Felt good for 7 miles and then developed a little niggle on the outside of my knee in an area where …
  • 8.5 miles today to round the week off nicely. 126 YTD 
  • Harmander - I was reading yesterday about the 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days that was recently held. Is this something that would interest you?
  • I looked a bit more closely into the correct paces for intervals before I did my session last night, and established that for 600m reps the pace should be more like 6.25. Anyway, first rep was rubbish (6.35), but the last 3 were 6.21, 6.28 and 6.23 …
  • Glad to hear you’re back at it Steven - hopefully the start of a better spell for you 🤞 Hobie - that does sound like a horrible session! 5 miles for me this evening including some intervals. 117.5 YTD 
  • Thanks, that's good to hear. After my travails on Tuesday night, I knocked out 5 miles last night at a very comfortable effort and an easy 8.57 pace, which was encouraging. Intervals session planned for tonight - 4x600, targeting around 6.15-6.20 …
  • Got 5 miles in comfortably before the rain which came an hour later than forecast in the end. 112.5 YTD 
  • DT - Ok, think I get it! So basically if some of my threshold miles actually come in at either 10k pace (7.00mm) or HMP (7.20mm) then that is not such a disaster?
  • Good work Espen - sounds like you have a lot of untapped potential if you can shave that much time off already (although if the previous time was set within a 10k then it isn't really a fair comparison as it was 5k run at 10k pace, whereas the recen…
  • PompeyMatt - you don't really believe in easing yourself back in slowly after injury do you?! A HM and another 16 miler in 3 days!! Anyway, hope you don't have any reaction to it. 4.5 miles for me last night - 107.5 YTD Weather forecast looks 'cha…
  • Marcus - there is a blue button at the top saying 'New Discussion'. Think you may have to have posted a certain number of posts first though before it will let you start a new thread?
  • Did you resist the urge DT?! 6 for me today to round off a cutback week of 20 miles. Slightly sore calf this weekend, so I took it a bit cautiously today but it felt ok through the run. Alehouse - yes, 100 miles pcm is the plan! Probably not until…
  • Well done everyone for your training runs, Senid for your category win and Nell for your Good Samaritan work! 6 today for me, takes me into the 3 figure club too. 103 YTD 
  • Reporting in with another 4.5 tonight. 97 YTD 
  • I rounded my month off last night with 5 more easy paced miles. 92.5 YTD Hoping that the pavements won't be too icy to allow for a run tonight as planned .....
  • Great mileage DT - don't know how you find the time (or energy!). 5 easy for me last night, took me to 92.5 for the month, which is the best month I've had mileage-wise since Feb 2016!
  • 4.5 for me last night, including some tempo mile intervals. 87.5 YTD Assuming I manage to get in at least 2.5 of my planned 5 miles this evening, then it will be my highest mileage month since Feb 2016!
  • The 3 miles at tempo actually came in at a 7.00 average pace. Felt quite controlled which was good. Bloody cold though!
  • Well, after a couple of days off which were probably well needed as I have had a cold/cough for the past few days and probably needed the rest to help shake it off a bit, tonight's session will be a pared down tempo session reflecting the fact that …