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  • Bike, parkrun and spin points for January Bike, spin points for feb plus Longleat 10k, Blackmore vale half & Lytchett 10  Frozen February Magna Carter (214) 160 Cheggers (416) 127 maths (158) 115 WildWill (150) 104 Mr Z (149) 81 Cake (46) 53…
  • Lass I've done swimathon loads of times breast stroke just means you get your moneys worth. Not entered yet but will be doing a 5k money tight at the moment because booking races and had to fork out for a conpleatley new gear set and de-railer set .…
  • Hopefully wont bugger it up if i post this late.  some bike and spin for the week and a 10k run Jaded January Cheggers 380 Reg Wand 228 Magna Carter 194 maths 145 JGav - 139 WildWill 125 Mr Z 138 Cake 54 Rafi 35 citizen 27
  • Lazy week some bike and spin points Jaded January Cheggers 248 Magna Carter 127 maths 97 Mr Z 82 Reg Wand 79 WildWill 70 Rafi 35 Cake 35 citizen 15
  • Oh bike porn!  Anybody else doing swimathon this year? Im in negotiations with the gaffer for which ones to do she's being insane again. 
  • sorry  bike Jaded January Cheggers 150 Magna Carter 108 maths 84 Mr Z 63 Rafi 35 Cake 24 citizen 14  
  • SteadyCJ said: Cake that marathon sounds a bit hilly, will have to see how I do at Larmer before committing to any other walks. But bacon back at yours afters sounds good.    It's conpleatly flat.  Seriously did it last year a…
  • bike and spin Jaded January Cheggers 92 maths 64 Magna Carter 63 Mr Z 63 Rafi 35 Cake 18 citizen 14
  • Steady you could enter purbeck marathon as a walker if helpful. Then you come round ours after for bacon.  (Spoiler) Had a rare saturday off so parkran and p.b.ed for parkrun not the same as old when young p.b.'s but even so when I was young not o…
  • parkrun Jaded January Cheggers 52 Magna Carter 35 maths 31 Rafi 15 citizen 11 Cake 7
  •   Training but serious isn't it.  
  • tis time to get of my arse again.  commute Jaded January maths 8 Magna Carter 6 Cake 4
  • oh what sprints time to share. Turbo's are evil good work lass.  Christmas is done so i can get back to better things than work  Training going ok ish but got a touch of plantar fasciitis slowing me down a little. The good news is this means i get …
  • Ginga Ninja said: I'm so sorry Booo. You have now been added. Did you want the cycle jacket in race or club cut? Updated spreadsheet attached. Cake, same question to you, do you want race or club cut for your cycle jacket? Club cut plea…
  • Ay up thanks again for sorting this just managed to work out what a fat lad I am for the Cycle jacket : Thermal and windproof the size is XL2 being big boned. 
  • Just in case did this one the other year insect repellent for the run might be useful with the local's depending on the weather. If you've not been yet through it's lovely and flat.  
  • Mallowpuff just in case we now have a spare bed all set up and usable on short notice. Open to all if needed. We also have a shower post race and always bacon in the fridge.     
  • Mpuffy boy see you there at nottingham. I'm trying to work out if I can find some sort of unicorn silliness for it just because if there is a afterlife it's going to make someone smile.  Steady would be well up for a nodnol trip to meet up. I'm up f…
  •     ay up sexy 
  • Good afternoon after months of mincing about moving home and then moving in I'm finally got some free time to look at the internet and wonder about next year there appears to be a few local years down year  how you all doing kids and sorry for not…
  • Ay up apparently my cycle jacket has to many stains on it.  Can I order 1 Cycle jacket : Thermal and windproof (will update size) 1 cap 1 buff
  • I've done both and would say reading is better if you held a gun to my head, but both worth a jolly. I'd base your your chose on which is better for you logistically if it's your first one you might to think about getting home after for ever the tub…
  • couple of pool swims November Cheggers - (464) (353) (467) (402) (480) (600) (538) (468) (458) (417) 219 Magna Carter - (299) (348) (320) (354) (248) (282) (290) (144) (201) (275) 92 Mathschick - (164) (138) (147) (140) (168) (150) (149.2) (106)…
  •  I've been right lazy need to enter races and stuff
  • seren nos wrote (see) If you feel really tired and find yourself slowing down to a crawl.....then don't give up....go and have a 20 minute sleep.( set the alarm).....its amazing how much difference that catnap can make....you will be up and ready…
  •  I still feel like a non-swimmer its all relative and confidence is a factor. You've done 8 miles thats nothing to sniff at so no  should be  Just 15 miles left.
  •  unless something drastic happens I don't think I can ever afford to retire.    I'm sorry you have not had your bills today but for f*nk sake someone died get some perspective.
  • Eyam (if they have fixed the road) Buxton and leek all cracking races but be warned very hilly like Liversage. Brass monkey in yorks a good one if you can get a number will probably have sold out by now. Chesterfield and huddersfield have had halfs …
  • Worksop half a few extra run miles for Oct and couple of cycles and a 5k run Spin, swim November Cheggers - (464) (353) (467) (402) (480) (600) (538) (468) (458) (417) 82 Magna Carter - (299) (348) (320) (354) (248) (282) (290) (144) (201) (27…