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  • Quick question - are walking poles allowed for the event?   the latter stages it will be a real benefit but can't find anything on the website. Thanks  CC
  • runninginsunshine - you collect your number, chip and map from the registration tent at the start.  It was well organised last year and got through that part quickly.  The entrance to the farm and start is a bit mental, the road was very busy so get…
  • Dear Human Remains. Yes you are little & yes you are a royal tit and yes.  Insulting & making jokes about me is not clever.  You probably guessed i took the job as it was better than unemployment.  Saying salary was non negotiable when you…
  • The latter stages of the race hot soup was being offered which was a welcome change.    
  • I finished in the dark last year.   As long as you have a good head torch then you'll be fine.  There were snap lights at certain points so made it a bit easier in know which direction to head.  
  • seren nos - he was the politest of them all.      
  • The one thing that makes me smile is the G4S chap.   He's about 70 and a stiff breeze would blow him over & he always looks bored but is the only pleasant one there.  
  • Super, thanks for the info.   Each time i go to the Fat Amanda (Job center bod) she makes me sign on an electronic pad.  Is this mandatory?    
  • It is very good first ultra to do & well organised.  Friendly marshalls and the food was good.  Definately worth entering.
  • If this advert is for Buff Gym Boys why is this being advertised on here?   I thought this was a running forum?      
  • Seriously considering the CTS Dorset towards the end of the year.  At least it will be local to me so that is a plus.
  • The dorset one has grabbed my attention.  I shall have a think before making any rash decision! 
  • Wear wellies!  Looking at the coastal trail series for the end of the year.  nice one locally. 
  • Feeling remarkably good.  Legs were wonky on the sunday and monday but fine since then.  Out for a club run tonight and also thinking of a race to do now.  It was such a good race
  • Dear HR lady. stop coming round to ask how i am knowing i will be out of a job in 44 days time.   do not apologise thinking it will get you off the hook for delaying in getting folk in to help with Cv's etc.  We told you 5 months ago what we neede…
  • Muttley - How do you find these clips?!!    
  • Pictures on line
  • I saw a few folk looking very sick, one chap was limping badly not longer after the halfway stop.  I had to keep off the gels as i know i would have chundered.  The hydration tablets are not a lot better but needed sadly. Just can believe i went…
  • Will there be any official photos going online?  
  • One guy i spoke to said in all the ultras he has done this was the hardest.   Glad it was sunny & warm made a huge difference coming into the nght stage.  If i eat another packet of crisps or drink energy drinks in the next 6 months it will be t…
  • Well that was fun.   The organisation was fantastic and the pit stops were first class.  I did like the hot grub at the halfway point.  I am just amazed that the body can just keep going when everything just hurts.  Finished Sub 18 hours which is wa…
  • The money will pay for the mortgage for a year so that is not a worry, just finding another job is more the urgency.   Do not think i will enjoy the Stay home husband! No suggestions of day time prgrammes please............  oh, i could go on the …
  • CV is sorted and out there, just need those lovely recruitment agencies to show some interested, and when they say they will be in touch, they actually keep their promise. On a plus note though, there seems to be lots more cakes!
  • Al - I thought just the registration paperwork would have sufficed, ID is needed as well?    
  • Out of interest, has anyone had anymore info from the race organisers?  They have gone very quiet.  
  • Sid - If you are going to break the rules why are you announcing it?   Is it just to piss folk off or to piss the runner and organsiers off on the day? Its not big or clever.
  • I'm glad to see races are beginning to disqualify runners not abiding by the rules.  I find it odd to run those distances and not be aware of what is going on around you.  seems kind of antisocial.
  • Today is the last long run and then i'll begin to taper.  Working on my previous marathon training plan which haas always worked well. Just amazed how quickly it has come round.  It will all be fine on the day!!  
  • Can you not wear the new trail shoes round the house, break them in that way? Glad you are getting better and stil planning to race.  It should be a great event.      
  • I do not think there is any chance of them letting me go early, bit of a shame!!   just got to find interesting website to play with