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  • Thanks, very much appreciated.
  • Anyone ... ? :-( 
  • Thank you Christine. It all makes sense, I guess is whatever works for one person is different from another. I will have look at the link. Thanks again.
  • Hi folks, many thanks for taking the time to respond, I will try these things.
    in Stamina Comment by DMax February 2018
  • Thanks Peers, very much appreciated.
    in Stamina Comment by DMax February 2018
  • 34:03 for what distance Mark? ... If you are running on a treadmill exclusively, you'll need to venture outside to experience elements, uneven surfaces, gradients, etc ... plus are you on an incline on your treadmill?
  • Hi TT, Thanks for the reply. I have 8 medical conditions and a the most dangerous is called Addisons Disease, something as simple as a lack of electrolytes can kill me. (It doesn't happen instantly but it does restrict me). At this point I can't ma…
  • I can't thank you guys enough, not only have you helped me solve a problem by highlighting your own experiences, the 'lip to hip' mnemonic is a great one. Have a great season and I hope you all stay injury free.
  • I was joint last in a 10K, basically I came across a runner who was struggling and I helped her over the line. Don't get me wrong, I was way down the list anyway but i wanted her to get her medal and I didn't want her to be last so we both crossed t…
  • Hi Eric, Try and isolate the issue? There are a lot more people lactose intolerant than is reported. Also white bread is better than brown bread in this instance, I know how silly that sounds but take it from someone who knows, wholegrains in ge…
    in IBS Comment by DMax December 2016
  • Hi Geoff, most watches should do this in one form or another. It depends what you want out the watch, there are a lot of these that come as activity trackers which act as 'daytime' watches to monitor number of steps as well as the usual running feat…
  • Thank you for that NorthEnder. Very much appreciated. 
  • Guys, how does this work? Does it work with Nike, Garmin or Strava? How do you record runs?
  • Thanks for that, can you please elaborate on 'ex sofa' ... sorry for appearing a daft lad here  
  • Braehead was missing a decent running shop, so thats great news.
  • Hi Caroline, what aspect of running do you find difficult? If its coughing and sore chest, go to your Dr for an inhaler (there is such a thing as athletes induced asthma), if its your legs that is shaky try some jelly babies before a run, if your le…
  • We have a free gym at work and showers in the toilets. I can imagine the frustrations of people who don't have any facilities. I agree that if a company operates a cycle to work scheme then they should provide showering for their employees,  in fact…
  • I had a problem with my Nike GPS watch where my computer was not recognizing the watch as a USB device which rendered it useless when it came to upload info to the NIke+ site. The watch was out of warranty so I called up NIke for advice and they a…
  • Hi Laine, hang in there. You are out there doing it and enjoying it and thats all that matters. Stick at it and try to stay injury free. You don't actually realise it but its all falling into place for you as you run. One day you will look back and …
  • Robert, I am in Clynder. Work in Erksine.
  • Hi Eggh73 Many Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the infornation. I did a search in Google for this but its only 2012 that the web site displays. I guess they will update this when the dates are confirmed. If you are taking part ...…
  • Hi David, are you still organising the Polaroid 10k series for 2013? If so, do you know when the dates will be confirmed or when entry opens. My wife and I live in Clynder and new to running so we are very keen to train for and partake in the lo…
  • I agree in part to the last sentence in the above post. Forefoot striking works for me but i did try a heel strike where my foot landed under my body and it felt ok. As far as I am aware, most of the advice out there says do what feels comfortable. …
  • Try to make sure your foot lands under your body instead of in front of it. That shoudl shorten the stride and give you more control over speed. Lean slightly forward from the ankles and imagine your pelvis is a bowl full of water, then imagine not …
  • i think it's one for the experts but huge respect for what you are doing. remember the depression is an illness so like any other illness other will get better. your value has not lessened as a result of having this, if anything I'd say you've gaine…
  • Hi Sarah, I think if you design a log on MS Word or something and then hang it on your wall, you would see how you are improving. A simple log would have date, distance and time but you could add things like weather conditions (which would influen…
    in just startng Comment by DMax August 2012
  • I have never used a Garmin so can only call out what I think are the good and bad points of the Nike+ GPS. I suppose the good point is that you can add functionality to the watch, I have been able to do a little more withthe watch that I could whe…
  • On a barefoot note, has anyone tried the Vivo barefoot shoes? Itd be good to hear from someone who uses them.
  • What about the Phil and Teds explorer. Its very light to push around.
  • When choosing sunglasses, I found the main problem to be actually keeping them on, which was solved by a combination of sunglasses band that goes round the back of the head and choosing a pair of glasses that fits snuggly to the side of the head and…