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Geoff Arnell


Geoff Arnell
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  • Thanks for that MrM2. I am still trying to work out what triggers my episodes of arrhythmia. I had built up to 30 mins running but had a bad day Tuesday so haven't run the last couple of days. Now I am zero alcohol, caffeine etc and when I've had…
  • Thanks. I will read through your earlier posts so that I don't ask points you've already addressed. I understand that bisoprolol makes one lethargic and I am experiencing that. Until I see the cardiologist I will keep takingthe medicine.
  • Hi Jugula I am reading all the posts but I think I may be at the start of the journey the other contributers have been giving. I was told by my GP to self monitor my blood pressure pending modification of my medication for high blood pressure. I …
  • Hi All? It's October and the last post is August. Before I describe my situation I just want to check there is somebody to correspond with. This forum has given me some hope that I can run.
  • Has anyone seen an electronic set of results for the 2005 race? Have tried r&nac website but in vain.