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  • My first 'abroad' race is this weekend Big_G. Off to do the Love Run Half in Philadelphia. Had looked at New York, but the cost was extortionate, packages were £1500 for 4 days. Managing to do Philly for about £350, although it means flying out Frid…
  • True RunningChat and as business trips go it was one of the more enjoyable  Back to something like a decent pace this weekend with a 23:26 PR run. On a rather hilly course as well, so very pleased with that. Especially as I managed to beat someone…
  • Dive-bombed by a rather irate seagull looking to protect its chick. That wasn't too pleasant and not easy sprinting and covering your head at the same time. Just needed a cameo performance from Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Thanks Big_G. Looking to the Valencia half in October and may also try another couple abroad this year.
  • I've noticed a medical certificate as a requirement for half marathons in Italy when I was looking. Is this normal on the continent as a requirement for entry?
  • Thanks Someonehadmyusername and RunningChat. It is a great feeling, although I seem to have lost that pace somewhere. Actually I know where. Two weeks working in Brazil with far too much to eat and drink...ahemmm 
  • Great effort Slowfoot and well done on the PB.
  • I think sometimes it's the fear of falling that's worse than the actual fall. I had over 20 years of playing football so was quite used to going over, but in those instances it was always on a muddy pitch rather than pavement or flinty paths.
  • Well done on the time Gazza. How much did that take off your PB?
  • There is always that "I hope no one saw that!" reaction to having a fall. It is quite embarrassing not being able to stay on your feet, even more so if you're running in a group. I saw someone go down a few weeks back on a training run. They effecti…
  • The thing I'd say for the LSR is I find it's more about time on feet rather than distance, so I'd suggest changing the miles for minutes, starting at 60 mins and increasing this to 2 hours, with some of the runs done with the last 20/30 mins run at …
  • Welcome back Phil.
  • Hi silverdrive - welcome to the forum. You have to comment in posts 10 times before you're able to start a new discussion.
  • Mgalex said: Hi not wanting to hijack but can anyone point me to how to post a topic please? I can't see a button. I'm probably about to feel sheepish.... Hi Alex - welcome. I believe you have reply to existing threads 10 times before…
  • Welcome Jack. I think the important thing here is not to feel too disheartened. We all have those periods when things do seem to be a bit of a struggle and then for no real reason things turn around and suddenly you're flying again. It sounds as t…
  • Paris would be quite an experience for your first 10K, Runderland  9th June means you've got plenty of time to train for it. As I said the step from 5K to 10K isn't that onerous and with plenty of training you will absolutely be fine. As you're n…
  • It is an excellent way to measure your improvements, Kell. I think it's done wonders for introducing running to people who may not have thought they'd be able to do it.
  • Cal Jones said: We've all taken a tumble at some point. Tree roots are my nemesis! Glad you weren't hurt. Thanks Cal - and I know what you mean with tree roots. I think that was the cause of the problem here, why the drain cover was at …
  • kellmay092 said: I think I need that mug too! I would suggest making me an offer Kell, but it's very tea stained 
  • Well done Runderland. The step from 5K to 10K isn't too bad at all. I'd suggest just upping the time on your feet by 10 minute increments on a run each week. When is your first 10K event? 
  • HI NBR - congrats on starting out on running. The breathing part will get easier as you build up your cardio-vascular fitness. So it won't always seem so hard and you'll find you'll have to work harder to get out of breath. The two elements that w…
  • I've got the Fenix (I treated myself a couple of years ago) and I am very pleased with it. It's easy to use and the display is clear, an absolute must when running and not having 20/20 vision. The ability to set up workouts is a real bonus. And it l…
    in Garmin Comment by Guarddog February 21
  • Good luck with that, Debs, and very wise to repeat a week. There's nothing to say that you need to step up quicker than you're ready to.  And a running group will have people of all levels. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that there will be …
  • Hi Debs - do you have a half marathon training plan that you're following? Generally these will go for 12 weeks and suggest running 4 to 5 times a week, with a mixture of easy, speed, recovery and long runs. Increasing the distance each week on the …
  • Hi Debs and congratulations on doing the C25K. You're absolutely correct in identifying a difference in treadmill running to running outside. To begin with running outside can seem a lot harder as you're essentially having to provide your own motion…
  • Well done on getting back into it Ted. Give it a bit of time and you'll start to see big improvements. 
  • I can quite understand you wanting to get your fitness levels up, but don't worry too much about it. At Parkrun you will get all shapes, sizes and ages taking part and whatever your fitness level you'll find everyone very friendly and encouraging. 
  • Hi Marcus - you need to comment a number of times on existing posts before it allows you to create a thread. I think there's a thread in Beginners or General Running that highlights this.
  • Welcome. And just to reiterate JGav's point, C25K is an ideal way to start out to begin with. No real point spending too much at this stage until you've been completely bitten by the running bug  But once you have the gait analysis is very good a…
  • I'd agree with HA77, see a physio. GPs are not specialists in this area and will effectively tell you to take a couple of aspirin. I've never really had a good feeling about chiropractors and have heard stories of them making things worse. So a ph…