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  • Can't beat a nice tasty image for lunch.
  • Good woman Seren
  • I'll just give the cushions the on the big, squashy sofa a plump for later.
  • I'll bring a camera too SC.
  • No worries BBH and hope you're okay x
  • Just swerving in as a last minute supporter-without-support-group/general dogsbody.  Assign me whatever jobs need doing on the day SC and thanks for taking all this on your shoulders.
  • Just marrying up Mr P's post on here and on FB this morning.  Excellent race preparation there Hope Mr KJ's news means you get a bit of time off together over Christmas
  • Fab news on the washing machine Caz.  I was going to suggest something may be wonky post move but then I know as much about washing machines as I know about quantum physics, so best to stick with the lovely man's advice.   Ultra Bookie wrote (se…
  • Bloimey! Binless in Brum sounds like a grim state of affairs. Or a film that turned out to be a box office flop. In shock news, our blue bin was injured last week. He took a trip to the kerb but came back without his inner little black box tha…
  • And from me.  Although yesterday was Cheesemas Day, thankfully we have the 24 days of Cheesemas to keep us going. Altogether now:  "On the first day of Cheesemas a Mundanie gave to me, some Dirty Vicar and a slab of brie." 
  • I did visit a cheese shop though
  • I had an afternoon off.  Went shopping for an hour or so at 1pm and it's now 7.30.  I must have been abducted by aliens who wiped my memory.
  • Chocolate guacamole   With a fish milkshake to wash it down? (((SOLB))) be nice to yourself.  I'm looking forward to giving you a mahoosive hug on Saturday. Ultra Bookie wrote (see) I'm trying to decide which mug(s) to take to Birmingham. I s…
  • 'Lo all, haven't been around for ages so a mahoosive read back. Caz big hugs Hon and you hang in there, you lovely woman. Bookie, when are you off to Brum? A bit of a rollercoaster here, I've shed so many tears in 10 days my face has changed s…
  • Jonathan thank you for posting that, it really is a comfort to know that she died peacefully.  I can't imagine what you and the family must be going through.  So very sorry for your loss. Cathy was so full of warmth and laughter and she touched so …
  • Glad you're back Towner.   Grease is on Channel 4, pure class.  It was made in 1978.  So er, about twenty years ago  
  • Thanks Towner.  More of a bimble these days, but someone's going to stick a number on my chest and I'll get run over if I don't shift out of the way of everyone behind me.
  • Morning all.  I'm off to Luton wearing a t-shirt and shorts.
  • Towner   Welcome back, how are you? Good running Mouse, or good Mary Poppins-ing, depending. Boo and hiss to the misbehaving cars. I'm deeply disturbed.  I like the new James Blunt song.  If anyone sees my credibility, please could you post it ba…
  • On the plus side if you've got a present on your drive then it means you're in the clear as being the suspected owner of the feline donor.  
  • Ta Bookie.  It's fixed now   Not chuffed about having done a system restore and spent half an hour trying to re-set my password on my day off.  I thought my account had been locked. Eeew to whole milk in tea Glad you two got to Abingdon after all. 
  • Is anyone else having trouble with Facebook?    I can't post anything, and none of the account reset options are working.  I'm really hoping it's them not me. Hi Phil and welcome
  • *slurp*  Thanks DS.  It's only technically Monday for me as I've booked the day off.  What time is Murder She Wrote on? KJ 1)  write to do list 2)  feel instantly more organised.  3)  rest
  • In case anyone was worried, I've now had a wee.
  • Forgot to say we sent good luck  vibes to Abingdon as we passed Oxford
  • Wise move DS and well done on a successful bike bimble. The wedding was fab.  Full of friends and love and laughter and fromage. Well I couldn't ruin that run could I?  Met SOLB's lovely squeeze and ate and drank and danced, and I wish it could ha…
  • Me too Hope Cakebook manage to get to Abingdon and boo hiss to misbehaving cars. We're off dahn even further saaf to Tickled Pink's wedding.  We're supposed to leave at 8am so I should not be here drinking tea and nattering.  I'm rubbish at doing…
  • Just seen the forecast and apparently the weather will be bland today, bordering on mundane, but not soggy. Gawd Bookie that sounds a nightmare, hope you're not still in pain. I've decided I'm not playing today, the world can go and boil its head …
  • Morning all Odd times rock Frodo, welcome to the wee small hours club, although I hope yours is just a temporary stay. Tea's ready.
  • When good cheese goes bad..... Morning all.  Our day has started with water coming in through the velux window, Blouse being up a ladder in the kitchen and me proffering tea and "helpful" suggestions.  One of those was welcome.