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  • 21 miler for me this weekend just gone, going to hopefully get another 20 in this coming weekend before I begin the dreaded taper!! Gladrags, I'm not anywhere near the speed of a lot on here, Im going to try for around 4hrs hopefully!
    in Manchester 2019 Comment by Hill1 12:50PM
  • 2 week taper for me, will do my 2nd 20 miler this weekend and then see how things go!!
  • Good to see some solid training going on, and everyone seems to be ticking along nicely! My weekly mileage is going well, Ive done a couple of 18 milers in the last couple of weeks, with two 20 milers coming up in the next couple of weeks! This will…
    in Manchester 2019 Comment by Hill1 March 5
  • 16 miles for me last weekend, 18 miles this weekend so everything seems to be on track (touch wood!!!) How's everyone else doing?
  • Unfortunately Im not in New York, I am however doing my second world marathon majors star in Berlin, my aim is to complete the other 4 by the time I'm 50!
  • Good work Adam! Ian, My last marathon was Amsterdam at the end of October so I feel in a pretty good place too at the moment so not stressing too much just yet!!
  • Yep, a no for me too! oh well, at least I got Berlin! I'll throw my hat in for New York when it opens!!
  • Good luck everyone, I'm (not so) patiently waiting, refreshing my Email every 5 mins!!
  • Snap, I got a place in Berlin too!! Not sure Mr Bank Manager will be too happy if I end up with a Chicago spot too!! But fingers crossed, we'll find out tomorrow!
  • Whoop whoop!!! managed to bag myself one of the 1000 entries that went up for grabs this morning, I'm one very happy fella!!!!
  • Sacha1986 said: Hey everyone. Newbie here. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the charity tickets that are supposedly released on the 5th? Has anyone gone for these before? Hi Sacha, I'll be going for one of these, there a…
  • Booo, it was a no for me, will be keeping my fingers crossed for Chicago now!
  • Still not heard anything so I'm beginning to feel like it's not going to be good news!
  • Indeed they are! getting excited to hear now! Fingers crossed!
  • Yes, if one gets a spot you all get a spot, unfortunately, I didn't know anyone who wanted to enter! Can't wait to find out though, I'm keeping everything crossed!! Good luck to you all!
  • Some good targets/ times there! being 45 my BQ time is 3:20, not sure whether I'll manage anywhere near that but planning on putting some solid training in so never say never!! I've also stuck my name in the pot for Berlin and Chicago next year!
  • nicko1981 what's your target? I've heard a lot of people use Manchester to get a Boston qualifying time
  • Hi Adam, good to have you on board! Exciting times with Manchester being your first marathon, hopefully being on here will add some benefit to your training! saintjason, Amsterdam was good thanks, slower than I'd anticipated for such a flat cours…
  • Hope everyone had some good weekend runs? I did a steady 10 miles Saturday, followed by a 10K yesterday, felt good, will hopefully get 3 milers in this week.
  • No saintjason, didn't make the start, both times with the same calf problem, sorted now though! I'm taking advantage of a few easier weeks after doing Amsterdam end of last month, will start ramping up towards Manchester training in the next few wee…
  • I've entered twice before and both times had to pull out due to injury, so I'm hoping third time lucky!!
  • Just booked a hotel - Holiday Inn Express Manchester Trafford City. It isn't city centre but it's not far from Old Trafford, plus it has parking and free cancellation up until 5th April! 
  • I'd love to think I could target a BQ at Manchester with the right training but who knows!
  • Shame you won't be there to run it, I'm flying over tomorrow
  • I've entered too, fingers crossed!!
  • Yes, I'm also thinking about Liverpool, I did the half there a couple of years ago and have said since I'll be back for the marathon!
  • Yes, I think it usually sells out pretty quick, they have an early bird price on at the moment, then they hike the prices up I think?
  • Sounds like we could get a good group going then! I'm hoping with some solid training for a good time! Amsterdam marathon for me next week and then Manchester will be my focus!
  • The ballot opens on the 17th October, stick your name in and keep everything crossed, that's what I'll be doing!! Gotta be in it to win it as they say!
  • Snap, I've also signed up for Manchester as my alternative to London! see you there!