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  • run Mad March Cheggers (380) (274) 300 WildWill (156) (165) 98 maths (159) (130) 82 JGav (30) (19) 33
  • Did a 5 mile tempo at lunch - still on my consistent run of inconsistency.  Looking forward to LLHM on Sunday and using next week to reset.
  • DT19 said: Jgav, sometimes when I have had even 5 days off running, I have all sorts of aches and pains when I go again and feel quite clumsy and inefficient. It usually takes me 2 weeks to break through that. It just feels awkward, tim…
  • run Mad March Cheggers (380) (274) 108 maths (159) (130) 54 JGav (30) (19) 28 Fabulous Feb WildWill (156) 165
  • Easy 4 at lunch today, starting to get a rhythm.
  • At your current pace, I wouldn't worry about MP or anything like that.  The plan seems reasonable.  Would be good if you could work in a fourth run, even if it was only 3 easy miles.
  • swim run Mad March Cheggers (380) (274) 108 maths (159) (130) 47 JGav (30) (19) 24 Fabulous Feb WildWill (156) 165
  • A wet and windy 4 miles at lunch.  Calf feeling ok but I don't want to push it right now, by that I mean no consecutive days running.  If I can build up to 3/4 runs a week I'll be happy. AndrewD - decent pace - good luck building up as that sounds …
  • run run turbo Mad March Cheggers (380) (274) 108 maths (159) (130) 47 JGav (30) (19) 14 Fabulous Feb WildWill (156) 165
  • Cycled Sat and couldn't find any time yesterday.  Club swim tonight so back to running tomorrow.  Hoping the cross training will keep me fit, 1/2 mary in 2 weeks that I'm aiming to complete.  Will be a case of severe lack of long runs (or any runs) …
  • I quite like the mojito flavour.  Must just be me.
    in zero Tablets Comment by JGav March 8
  • AndrewD sounds like you're running is really coming along. I went out and did 20 mins today without the right (problematic) calf reacting.  Left felt tight but that's nothing more than lack of practice.  Hoping we are on the road to recovery.
  • Yeh - gonna give it another day before running again. That's quite some session DT19
  • I wouldn't say I'm back but I did a gentle 30 mins today without my calf blowing up.  Felt a little niggle and I know I need to take it easy.  Maybe 15 mins tomorrow or wait to Thursday.
  • turbo Fabulous Feb Cheggers (380) 192 WildWill (156) 111 maths (159) 98 JGav (30) 19 Jaundiced January Raf 98
  • Run (worst start to the year in a long time!) Fabulous Feb Cheggers (380) 192 maths (159) 87 WildWill (156) 68 JGav (30) 15 Jaundiced January Raf 98
  • Physio session this morning confirmed that I've glute activation issues on my right side.  Probably the cause of the foot pain and calf niggles I get.  Lot's of glute strength and calf strength work needed. Headed off for an easy 30 mins lunch run …
  • turbo Fabulous Feb Cheggers (380) 192 maths (159) 87 WildWill (156) 46 JGav (30) 11 Jaundiced January Raf 98
  • Not been on much, what with the lack of running.  Got on the bike this evening, which was nice.
  • Royal Park Half rejection email today to go with my Ride 100 rejection magazine which came this week.  Not a great week for race entries.
  • 5 miles easy yesterday and calves were feeling twingy.  Going to take today off running and see where they are Friday.  With the lack of sleep, everything feels like a huge effort but I have a desire to keep up some level of activity. Excellent tem…
  • run  Fabulous Feb maths (159) 31 JGav (30) 9 Jaundiced January Cheggers 380 WildWill 156 Raf 98
  • run  Fabulous Feb maths (159) 31 JGav (30) 4 Jaundiced January Cheggers 380 WildWill 156 Raf 98
  • Welcome, a few will recommend C25K as a way to get started.  It may seem like slow progress but it will help you with not getting injured. Equipment wise - good quality comfy trainers are a must.  Don't spend too much yet.  Once you are running a b…
  • 8 hours...I've love 6 hours undisturbed right now.   On the plus side, I got the Mrs setup on the turbo trainer at home and she's happy to be able to do exercise again after 9 months.
  • Need to get my trail shoes and get out in the snow before it turns icy/sludge.
  • 7 mile run Jaundiced January Cheggers 302 maths 159 WildWill 147 Raf 98 JGav 30
  • That would be a pretty solid tempo run AndrewD. I managed 7 miles at lunch - felt much better than Monday even though legs hadn't fully recovered.   
  • I did try @DT19 every time I mentioned it I got daggers.  I'll get back out tomorrow for another run and will be back at not aching soon enough.
  • The run felt hard, felt like puking and the legs are mostly wrecked today.  That's what 2 1/2 weeks off does!!!!