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  • Just about to set off - see you all. If the fog lifts it looks like a suprisingly dry day.
  • Secondary Science for 22 years. August is great.
  • Our home XC league race is on Sunday, with the start at 2 mins past 11, after the silence. It gets bloody cold standing still in shorts and vest, but it was never meant to be comfortable was it? Of course, today is remembrance day - we had the two …
  • My recovery hasn't happened, so I am deferring until next year. I'm still going down to Reading however, to lend moral support to brother-in-law and fellow forumites. I'll be jogging the fun run with mrs and junior. Enjoy the big one!
  • Goldilocks Yeah, its a great one, although I couldn't do it this year. As you've seen, there are quite a few around. Try our local one, the Mortimers Forest 10 hill race in December - you won't regret it! (near Ludlow)
  • If Peter Andre wanted to be your friend wouldn't you leave?
    in Johnny Comment by Johnny February 2004
  • Bush tucker - no problem. Who's this Jenny Bond chick?
  • I agree with you PS - Walshes for the tough stuff and Saucony for normal muddy bits. (Walshes for racing of course)
  • Me too! Me too! I haven't been able to train since the end of October, but I've entered anyway in the hope that I will be able to get running again soon. If I can get training in the next couple of weeks or so I should be able to get round in 1:40 …
  • What:3.5 miles - only 8 minute miling, but felt pretty tired as it is the furthest I've run since early November (11 miles so far this week) Why: I've been poorly and haven't been able to train for weeks. Guess I'll be missing the county champs tom…
  • I know how you feel Percy! What - yesterday: 2.5 miles very easy, first run in seven weeks because of illness. Today: I'll try 3.5, still very easy. Its nice to be running again, but very frustrating to be effectively starting from scratch. Still…
  • I've ordered the RW calendar from www.rodalestore.co.uk
    in Calander Comment by Johnny November 2003
  • Emer, apologies for the pedantry - having spent some time recently beating it into the heads of 16 years olds who need to be able to at least recognise the difference, I may have become a tad obsessive! But saying " a weigh approximately 719 Newton…
  • Not happy with my running stats though! Oh well, one thing at a time!
  • Back to height and mass - 1.81m and 73kg. I ran my best at 70.5kg, three years ago. My mass crept up to 77kg, then fell by 7kg earlier this year (stress, not exercise). Things are back in proportion now and I'm happy with my statistics.
  • I work in a secondary school. Well over half of our 850 - odd pupils and most of the staff have made donations and wore the poppy. The only sound to be heard at 11 was the happy noise of three year olds in the nursery next door, and frankly, that …
  • Seniors 6.30 on Tuesday, 7pm on Thursday. Juniors 6.15 on both nights. Like most, we usually start about 5 minutes late. On the first Thursday run of the month we start bang on 7pm, so we aren't late for the pub.
  • Now that is constructive use of time!
    in Aaaah... Comment by Johnny October 2003
  • Spikes would be fine for the Hampshire league (which I used to run in), but would be no good for the Herfordshire league that I run in now. Walshes every time (too many hills and too rocky for spikes). I've noticed that the courses up here are much …
  • page 40. If I ever finish a marathon with them!
  • Talk to the teacher again. If nothing has been done, write to the head. We had a similar problem when our daughter started school - it was sorted pretty quickly after we told the teacher.
  • It says I'm unique - that can't be right, as my dad has the same name!
    in Namesakes Comment by Johnny October 2003
  • When I was an undergrad, many years ago, and GM was just starting to really take off at lab scale, the "spin" was all about engineering N-fixing genes into rice, millet, etc so developing countries would not have to waste money on buying fertilisers…
    in GM Foods Comment by Johnny October 2003
  • Brolly, running kit, empty water bottle, squashed banana
  • From my office, school playing field and Mortimer's Forest, venue for a very tough 10 miler in December. From my lab, the netball courts, a couple of houses and the skyline of Ludlow (big church, castle), and, for the past couple of weeks a nest of…
  • Hello FF. Are you back Ceal?
  • How about a feature that allows you to input your 10k time (once) and can then tell you if your run is "steady", "threshold", "lunatic fringe", etc, and gives you a round of applause on the odd occasion when you get it right. (and a rasberry when yo…
  • A5, Reliant Robin and ginger pigs
  • Jackets are for wind or really bad weather, not for rain. Skin is waterproof. My theory is that fit people sweat more because your body gets trained to get rid of excess heat. Rain running is pleasant so long as it isn't horizontal.
  • I ran the Lake Vyrnwy Half last week. Walkers started half an hour before the runners, and it worked very well indeed - they kept to the left and mutual grunts of encouragement were passed. Some of them were [email protected]@dy fast too - I passed the lead pair…