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  • I am in exactly the same position clare238 - and worse I feel as if I brought it on myself, going for a 10 mile run in freezing rain. I'm going to make my first training week back, whenever that is, all easy runs - running slow and keeping warm - …
  • 10 weeks since break, still feel a long, long way from being able to run. 
  • @Mike L I'm considering these. Could I ask you about sizing? I'm a 10.5 in regular Adidas shoes, should I go up or down a half?  
  • 4 months doesn't sound too bad Cinders what with an op. Were you running with discomfort or was it all OK? Not even been a month yet for me. I know I'm also going to be scared of a relapse when I eventually do. Rehab exercises and strengthening is…
  • Thanks Cinders, how quickly did they decide you needed an op? How long before you ran again?
  • Hi Kamoshika, you're absolutely right. When I tell people I have a broken ankle and I don't have a cast they're surprised but I've subsequently discovered that for my kind of break -(fibula) - this is quite common depending on how bad things are. …
  • Thanks Jazzij and limper for your replies.  Hi Scott1973 many thanks for that link. Will be useful in a few weeks. Still too painful at the moment. My fitness levels were good leading up to my slip. i was taking a very long-term approach to ma…
  • Hi Ecce - I'm in North London, it's not exactly the Alps but where I live it's quite bumpy - my local park used to be a dry ski slope. One downside of HR training is it makes you notice all those little inclines that you never noticed before but do …
  • Thanks for the encouragement Teknik. Very sorry to hear your bad news. Hope you're back on your feet soon.  
  • Hi Nayan yeah, I start slow. I'm generally OK for the first 20 minutes. what i struggle with is keeping a steady HR after that and in knowing the right thing to do when it does start creeping up (stop, walk or slow down?)
  • Hi all, I wonder if I could pop back into this thread (I'm an intermittent visitor to these pages) to ask a very simple question. Apologies. I'm a big believer in low heart rate training and have dipped in and out of using it over the past couple …
  • Seems like lots of things went wrong with this race this year. Shame as so much of it is great.
  • Has anyone used the park and ride for this? Does it all work OK? Wherabouts is it?  Was gonna stay in a hotel but can't see anything reasonable.
  • Thanks for the replies. If you're following the HADD method do you do these two 80% runs from the very start? Isn't that spoiling all the gains from the low HR training - or are these basically recovery runs then? My ambition is running a marath…
  • This is a great discusion. I understand the basics of base and HADD training but what I don't quite grasp is the next stage up. After establishing base, when we train for a race do we just put all these easy, low HR runs to one side and do the sam…
  • The percentage of people not running Brighton seems terrifically high. I wonder why it is.
  • I was going to enter London as well as Brighton but just seen London ballot closed already. Probably for the best - total commitment to Brighton now and none of those "will I , won't I get a place" worries but feels a little odd not to have least …
  • Smols83 Your story is much like mine. Unfinished business for me too. My last mara was Brighton 2011 and I got injured a month into training and arrived at the start line in pretty bad shape - ended up having to adopt run-walk strategy and necki…
  • Hello everyone, nothing like an early start I've entered. Will be my first marathon since Brighton 2011 when I had to walk most of the course. I'm going to train a lot more carefully this time with three months solid, low HR base training before I…
  • Just noticed this is 99p on amazon today. just sharing. 
  • @2wheels Good argument. I decided to go for it. 
  • I'm tempted. Wish it was a bit cheaper. 10,000 seems quite major for a brand new event. I'm predicting complaints about lack of portaloos.
  • Compared to the dog walkers I have to navigate when I'm training ipod wearers in races are a breeze. I used to be a slave to the rhythm but I cured myself. Running without headphones is much much better.  
  • robin_hood wrote (see) Don't organise races for charity and you won't run into these problems. Just charge enough to cover your costs with a bit of contingency. Don't worry about T-shirts, medals, goody bags etc as real runners don't want all tha…
  • Gary Lindsay wrote (see) Well, I finished in 1:52:20.  That's a PB by 22:30 on my last attempt 5 years ago.  Definitely something to aim for next year now.  I love this race but I do wish that entrants would submit realistic estimates of how long…
  • Thanks to the 1:55 pacer I bagged a PB ducking just under 1:54. Really delighted as I didn't think I had it in me. For me worst bit now isn't the dual-carriageway or the Green park loop it's that 600 metres before you get into the stadium. It's uphi…
  • Have a brilliant race tomorrow everyone.
  • Ha! Love it.  Of course the best bit of that loop is that you also get to see people you are 5 mins ahead of.
  • My conspiracy theory is that ballot picking software is weighted in favour of people who haven't run a particular race before. It makes sense if you think about it. So I would say your chances are slightly better than slim if you're all newbies. plu…
  • I do wish they could skip out that Green Park bit at the end and you just run straight into the stadium. The biggest downer is seeing people 5 mins ahead of you on the other side of the loop.