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Karen Willcock 2
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  • @Weedy - Brill! I am scared stupid already but ...... Never done a marathon before - but have completed Leeds 1/2 marathon x 2 and GNR x 5. Just want to see if I can do it - and don't want to waste too much money if I can't! What training plan a…
  • Thanks for the lowdown - especially to Weedy, Monk and Emmy. Hope you have all sufficiently recovered and I hope to see you all at Amsterdam at some point. I bit the bullet (only cos I was scared of the finishing/cut off time) and entered Edinburg…
  • Well done EVERYONE x Now when everyone is back in the land of ther living and sufficiently recovered - give me the lowdown on Amsterdam marathon (flat? support? whether it is worthwhile doing? etc)
  • Good luck everyone and I want full reports about the course (flat etc) and suitability for a newbie (ie: me!). I took the plunge and entered Edinburgh for my first - not too far away or too much incase I can't hack it!! BUT hopefully this time next …
  • Thanks guys - I am in Leeds
  • Ha ha - nice one yer_maj! So where would everyone recommend for cheap accom in Paris for next year's marathon then? And what is the weather usually like for the Paris marathon?  
  • Just caught up with everyone's posts and advice re: Paris - thanks guys x Will seriously look at Paris then - what is this medical certificate they ask for?  
  • Just looked - cut off time for Paris is 5hrs 40mins ..... = too scary! I will be stressed out all the way round for my first marathon  
  • Hi Dannirr - don't know too much about it. I am not good on hills so want to look at the flatest I can (if possible) to make sure I can do one. Then, if I like it, might challenge myself with a more difficult/undulating course. What is the elevation…
  • Hi guys - I know this thread is about Paris but I am wanting to check out what would be the best 1st marathon - I am currently thinking about Edinburgh or Amsterdam. I am a 40-something who is 'big boned' (fatter than I would like!!) and I have done…
  • Thanks guys and good luck with forthcoming races. I really want to try a marathon but know I (mentally) hate hills so want to try something as my first that I won't have a nervous breakdown on! So it's either Edinburgh, Amsterdam or Berlin then …
  • Hi Radar Sal - Well I'm not bothered really. I applied for the VLM but didn't get through the ballot - so then started looking elsewhere. I just want a flat one for my first marathon as I am crap at hills. Had me head on to apply for Edinburgh as VL…
  • Hiya - after some advice please. I am considering either Edinburgh or Amsterdam next year. Have never run a marathon but done 7 half marathons to date (last one being the GNR last month). I am a snail (H/M pb 2:48) so not gonna break any records. I …
  • So am I a reject too then...?? We're sorry, but we can't find the details you entered as being successful in the ballot. If you have any queries regarding this please call our Virgin London Marathon team on 0207 902 0200.