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  • Dave I was in-front  by 200 yds of the 4.45 man for about 15 mile then I needed a wee stop and little stretch. At that point I was glad to have dropped him as those two women on the front of the group absolutely did my nut in they never stopped shou…
  • Lesley I'll second what Nose Nowt says. Get to complete runner but take your original Adidas if you still have them. They will be able to see what you need by checking the wear on your trainers and watching you walk around the shop. I dont know anyw…
  • simple just buy an Apple usb adapter. Apple website sells them. 
  • Wooj get yourself along to Complete runner on road out to Ilkley I'm sure you will know it. They stock loads of trail/fell shoes and have 40 years experience of all types of running. They used to sort my old man out back in the 80's !!
  • Congrats on getting in. As booktrunk says dont let the weather put you off it's so easy to just miss a run. When I was training for London and was having a not so enjoyable run I pictured myself running down the Mall waving to the crowds and think…
  • I'm in the same position getting my sorry smurf magazine yesterday so I started trawling for a spring one. I found the Huddersfield marathon which is new for 2014. The same people organising it are doing one in Wakefield and Halifax perfect for me…
  • Signed up for the Rivington couple of days ago. Only 19 entries so far!! Its a 10k not 10 miler too Hal.  Not done any of their events yet but Rivington is a nice place so should be good plus a nice Montane t-shirt
  • you could do with a search button on the website so people can easily find the bling rather than trawling through every picture 
  • that uddersfield one looks really hilly. Would also be really tough as lots of it is off road and could be wet end of April.  Might still do it though  
  •  That store is Huddersfield is a total waste of time they never have any stock I can't understand why the company keeps it open!! Up and running in Leeds is good as they have a new store down near the railway station now and its next to a new Jack w…
  • Andy your the same size as me by the sounds of it and I have a medium and its a perfect fit. Got me through all the winter training rain snow etc plus worn it on a couple of more chilly spring runs and its perfect.   Check out sportsshoes.com th…
  • Pity a lot of them are broken though  
  • and its the second part!! First thing I said to the missus when watching part 1 last week was wearing those shoes will kill him without 6 month getting used to them.  
    in Is anyone else Comment by Keggi May 2013
  • Why so desperate Paul??? Always confuses me when people post an urgent demand for a race place why not just enter when they go on official release!!!
  • P20 £15 in Morrisons at mo for big bottle. Dont think thats expensive for the best stuff really seing as you only need apply all over once a day.
    in Sun cream Comment by Keggi May 2013
  • I have 4 lovely birds who entertain me and the kids no end. One word of caution is be careful adding new birds to the flock as your existing ones wont like it and will beat up the new ones especially if they are smaller. I added a beuatiful french…
    in Hens Comment by Keggi May 2013
  • If you look further down the main forum page or search there was someone selling 2 places yesterday afternoon.     
  • The complete runner is one of the best shops in the North. Run by husband and wife for years both runners in the younger days.  Dont think they have a treadmill but to be honest they dont need one. Take a pair of oldish shoes/trainers and they wil…
    in Running shops Comment by Keggi May 2013
  • That is a bargain. Take note though the high 5 gels are a smaller gel at 38g compared to most others at 60g. Not sure if this affects its longevity but I used 6 across last marathon. Keep your eye on harris active sports website they are superb fo…
    in High 5 Deal Comment by Keggi April 2013
  • +1 Chester October 6th entered yesterday after also doing VLM. Pretty east to get to from Derbyshire.
  • They only had another 650 places. You should have got an email to say you will be guaranteed a place for 2014 which is very kind of them. I will certainly take them up on the offer. I tried aswell today for York but had no luck so I entered Cheste…
  • Sign up for an autumn marathon theres loads about if you look. I have entered Chester marathon October 6th today. Gives me a great purpose to not stop training and get fat again even though I am having a great effort at Haribo, chocolate and crisps …
  • I switched to the Zoom Elite when the pegasus moved to version 29. Done 1/2 my London training and the race in them and will defo get them again.   Plenty of different colours http://www.prodirectrunning.com/Products/Nike-Zoom-Elite-Mens-Runni…
  • Congleton half called sting in the tail due to a right beast of a hill at 12 mile. Normally October a great race and very friendly
  • Passed 1113 and 64 passed me.  Failed maths twice many moons ago so cba working % out 
  • Thanks Gatton thats made me even more excited now 
  • Bradders if its outside of kneecap on side of your leg it sounds like I.t band. Search the forums there's loads on here about it. I had to pull out of east hull 20 due to this after a lsr of 19 mile. I took three and a half week off and did first…
    in Knee pain Comment by Keggi March 2013
  • Chiropodist. Suffered with them a lot as a kid too much playing football. They can get nasty infections and I would certainly not not want to run with one.
  • Advanced cargo seem to be out of stock everywhere until end March early April must be due to new design coming in from Ron.  I've had mine on pre order from Sportshoes for what seems agaes now. Used them before and I think there great. I use Hi5…
  • Not sure about Us retailers but how about trying to contact Asics uk and see if they can supply you some? Just a thought may not work but you never know.