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  • According to my calculations you will run it in exactly 3hours 32min 24sec.
  • All runners should be issued with their own unique number that could be used for all future races, then they could just get their number tattooed onto their bodies. This would save valuable seconds before every race and with no need for paper race n…
  • Mobile Bear wrote (see)   I got that figure from my Motoactv I recently bought But how did your Motoactv come up with that figure? The only way to know your maximum heart rate is to do a test. Heart Rate Training  
  • Rickster wrote (see) The only problem is that if she can be photographed from 1000 metres, then a terrorist with a high powered sniper rifle would have no trouble bumping her off. Good point, and equally an SAS sniper placed on the roof of …
  • Holy Shit. Three years ago he was on here boasting about being 6ft 3 and 10 stone 4 lbs, now he's 8 stone 4 llbs. One thing is certain, he wont be back in another three years telling us he's now 6 stone 4 lbs; either he will have sorted himself ou…
  • Yes, there are some signs. But once you have found the Thames you can't go wrong really as you are just following the path next to the river. Occasionally, when you get to a bridge you might have to cross over and then continue on the other side (fo…
  • Virginia Water is a great suggestion. You could also go a bit further down the A30 and join the Thames path at Runnymede. Run for five miles along the Thames in either direction, then turn around and run back.
  • ??? I think Nick Windsor may test positive for the recreational variety if he believes Tricky ran that time!
  • That's why I think the calculations based on waist measurement etc are quite good. You can at least get consistent and fairly accurate results measuring yourself with a tape measure. (It doesn't suddenly change because you drank a pint of water.) …
  • Where can you get a list of all the banned drugs? And which ones are the most effective?
  • Given that body fat-scales are known not to be very accurate, you might as well use an online calculator like this one. It wont be perfect of course but probably at least as accurate.
  • Its a common problem to find it hard to keep you HR down below 70% when you first start out. Only lots of time spent running an low HRs will see you improve. In the mean time you could use below 75% as your target. TragicEpilogue wrote (see) ...…
  • He may move up to the marathon. Now that is something I would like to see, a competitive British male marathon runner.
    in Mo Farah Comment by Kryten August 2012
  • I think that you need to be really clear about what your goals are. Do you want to improve your endurance, be a sprinter, get stronger, improve your overall health, get 'huge', etc? Once your goals are clear it will become obvious to you what type o…
  • If you want to change your body composition you have to look to your diet first. Don't restrict calories as you're not overweight. Avoid sugary foods like the plague, and then basically just eat a variety of 'real' food. If you want to improve end…
  • King K wrote (see)  BUT 90% is heart attack territory There must be a lot of people having heart attacks at their local 5K then!
  • OK, well 16 miles is not a bad long run for a half marathon. But it sounds like you have only done one of them? You could increase your long runs to 18 miles and slow down a fair bit while you are doing them. If you got into the habit of doing an 18…
  • On the whole I think you have to give the organisers credit for not cancelling the event and for how well it was organised, given the problems they had with the route change etc.
  • How long are the long runs you are doing at the moment? And how fast are you running them?
  • That may be a good option actually. I will keep a look out for climbing frames the next time I'm out for a run!
  • I am quite a big fan of pull-ups actually and do them at home, but there is nowhere suitable to do them in the hotel room. I have been doing a few push-ups there already. Normally I work out at home with the pull-up bar and a couple of kettle-bells.…
  • I have run from Little Venice to the end of the Slough line about 3 or 4 times. Navigation is very easy and there are tow paths the whole way on the bits I did. If I remember correctly the only choices I had to make were at the Bulls Bridge juncti…
  • I've read a few and Born to Run by Chris McDougall is my favourite. Edit: the equivalent to that Josie Drew book would be Juat a Little Run Around the World by Rosie Swale Pope, also good.
  • theoverweightRunner wrote (see) 3x 1/2max press ups (< what is this asking me to do)? Before you start the programme need to do a test where you see how many press-ups you can do in 1 minute and also how many sit-ups you can do in 1 minut…
  • I have looked at that Army programme before.You just need to do exactly what it says, so on day one you do 5 knee press ups, then 5 dorsal raises, etc. That's it. It probably confused you because it seems too easy. (Compare it to week 2 Day 5 where …
  • It's a good idea to have a schedule to follow. You could Google c25k "couch to 5K" or look for a beginners 5k plan on the training tab above.
  • Personally I think that if you swim at the same intensity, for the same duration, and the same number of times per week as you currently run, you will get just as many aches and pains, just in different locations. Another popular myth - its imposs…
    in swimming Comment by Kryten June 2012
  • On the other hand runners hardly ever drown.
    in swimming Comment by Kryten June 2012
  • You could try making a counter - complaint. "Every time I go for a run some weirdo keeps staring at my Willy."
  • It is a bit unbelievable! But in case you are serious (weirder things have happened) then just wear some underwear to avoid any hassles.