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  • well, i've trained for it so would be gutted to miss it after all the hard work but on the other hand I don't feel i could even run a mile at the moment.  Also, got a nice week on Shetland planned for next week so wouldn't want to be poorly for that…
  • i've come down with a cold and chesty cough - what are my chances for being able to run the marathon on sunday?  
  • Having completed Race the Train on Saturday - i now feel far more confident about managing the hills in this marathon!
  • I've just had exactly the same problem but putting in 26/05/2009 as race date instead of 26/04/2009 has solved it. Annoying but at least it's in there now. Good luck with the training everyone!
  • i would probably say it would - there's that RICE method for treating strains isn't there, where the I stands for ice. 
    in ice baths Comment by M September 2008
  • I don't sit in an ice bath but I use cold water on my legs in the shower after a run - i find it helps - legs are not as stiff the next day as when I don't blast them with cold water.  I find about 5-10 mins is enough - reducing the temp until it's …
    in ice baths Comment by M September 2008
  • try Duo Boots - they make custom fit boots - you measure your calf and order using that... really good - i have 2 pairs http://www.duoboots.com/
  • i too had an email a couple of weeks ago saying they had no record of rejections so i had to email them all my addresses again.  I received an email yesterday telling me they were now able to confirm the 5 rejections and I now have a place - hurrah!…
    in 2009 Comment by M August 2008
  • my forehead sweats when i eat salt and vinegar crisps
  • I've signed up for it too.  First race in about 2 years!  Hoping to get into London marathon next year -i've been rejected so many times i should get a guaranteed place - figured i'd better start doing some races again!
  • Can i please join the red-faced club?!  My face goes almost purple when i exercise (and I sweat a lot!)  - whether i'm at my fittest or not.  I stay purple/red for a good hour or so afterwards.  I think it is down to skin colouring amongst other thi…
  • i bought it a few years ago - very informative and puts you in the mood for being healthy!
  • i bought it a few years ago - very informative and puts you in the mood for being healthy!
  • i bought it a few years ago - very informative and puts ypu in the mood for being healthy!
  • Hiya Thinking of going along to the Meadows in Edinburgh on Tuesday nights to join in the speed sessions. Does anyone go to these? What are they like?
  • Hi Sarah, my running partner and i are training for edinburgh. We did 15 miles on saturday morning and were pretty dead by the end. We tape pound coins to the bottom of our water bottles so that we can nip into a shop along the way for more water …
    in Scottish Runners Comment by M April 2004
  • onion in roasting pan while the roast is roasting - then remove the roast, skim the excess fat off and add some boiling water and a stock cube. Thicken with some diluted cornflour and if it still needs a bit more flavour - a teaspoon of marmite doe…
  • Interesting thread, i've got an induction at the gym tonight as i want to introduce strength training into my routine - am doing the Edinburgh marathon next year. I feel I have endurance fitness but am seeking overall fitness and goddess status!!
  • I've done parts 1 and 2. Feedback was really good - just waiting on certificate. Also pre-registered at the GNR for an advanced course they are to be running starting from January 04. Have no idea what the qualification means but it's something els…
    in Fit 2 Run Comment by M October 2003
  • Mullerice (vanilla custard) or ordinary rice pudding works well for me. Even just a couple of spoonfuls is enough to take the rumbles away so not too heavy on the stomach for running. It's really yummy too!
  • Brill thanks for that, will be interesting to know exactly how far we ran!
    in Montrose 10k Comment by M August 2003
  • I think a formal letter of apology and explanation from the so-called race organisers is appropriate and definitely some indication of the exact distance of the wrong route so we can at least try and work out our time!
    in Montrose 10k Comment by M August 2003
  • This is the only badly organised race i've been too although my other races have been much larger affairs with thousands of competitors - much less chance of coming last you see!!
    in Montrose 10k Comment by M August 2003
  • My running partner and I were there too and agree that it was a total farce. There's an article in the Courier today with the organisers admitting it was shambolic. Liz McColgan is reported to have stormed off without claiming her prize so that sa…
    in Montrose 10k Comment by M August 2003
  • Jane M - I'm doing the Montrose race on Sunday too. I sent an email the other day to the organiser because I hadn't receive a pack. She said they were being sent out over the next couple of days and that was a couple of days ago so hopefully it wil…
  • I am probably being biased here because I too am a runner. I believe that if someone is committed to running and setting goals and challenges for themselves this shows as side of their character that is highly encouraging and it would certainly mak…
  • they recommend you don't go for the usual sort of questions like occupation etc but sometimes there's no avoiding it if the conversation isn't flowing easily - 3 minutes felt like a long time in some cases! A lot of people asked the question "Why s…
    in Speed Dating Comment by M August 2003
  • apologies for the confusion! No matches as yet! I only ticked 5 out of 24 so I was a bit picky I guess! I went with my sister and 2 friends and we were all really nervous beforehand but it was fine, quite tiring and I felt I had lock jaw by the en…
    in Speed Dating Comment by M August 2003
  • I've got a microwave rice steamer which you can use for veggies and fish etc too. You can get them all over the place for about a fiver - anywhere that sells kitchen stuff! I swear by it as for some unknown reason I can't cook rice successfully on …
  • hmmm, now you're talking - I forgot about jelly babies - yum!
    in Energy Gels Comment by M July 2003