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Paul Dickson 2


Paul Dickson 2
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  • Paul Dickson 2 wrote (see) Thanks for all the messages of suport. Unfortunetly, i went out for a quick 5 mile trail run on Sunday and seem to have agrivated the knee. Will give it a wee rest over the next few days (sitting on sofa, having a few b…
  • Thanks for all the messages of suport. Unfortunetly, i went out for a quick 5 mile trail run on Sunday and seem to have agrivated the knee. Will give it a wee rest over the next few days (sitting on sofa, having a few beers and choccy). Have a good …
  • well, 5 weeks now since my last meaningful run due to a knee injury. Only a couple of 5 mile runs under my belt in the last week. Starting to get nervous.
  • Well I finally ordered a pair of 315's from Amazon for £59.99!!! Mrs D putting them away for my Christmas. Only a month or so until i can wear them. Ho ho ho.  
  • Must agree with BK, Adrenaline 11 and 12's are far more comfortable than the Asics 21 series and i also seem to get more miles from them.  
  • Thanks for the advice, not sure what to wear, run in Kanadias just now off road, however i dont think they will be suitable for 53 miles. I will give it a wee think.  
  • Hi Guy's, this will be my first Fling . I have been told that Inov8, Roclite 315's are a good option for running it. Anyone agree / disagree?
  • After running 3 marathons i have taken the plunge and entered the Fling on a whim. I am hoping that fellow "flingers" will be able to share training plans / nutrition tips etc. Any other first timers entering?   
  • I wish i was a z list celebrity "runner" who doesn't need to apply to enter. No need for them to worry about the rejection mag!!!!
  • Only 100 days to go now!!!! I better get my finger out and start my training programme. I feel a steady 10 miler coming on tomorrow morning.
  • I got Born to Run for Christmas and have only read the first few chapters so far, however it is shaping up to be the best running book i have read so far. Dean Karnazes, Run is also good and is only £1:19 for the Kindle edition just now.
  • I got a Kindle as well and have just downloaded Run by Dean Karnazes for only £1.19. Bargain!!!!
  • I've entered too. First time for this Marathon which sounds like a small and friendly race. After the utter chaos at Edinburgh in May, i vowed never to run there again. Got accomodation sorted and really looking forward to it.
  • I dont blame you for not running at Edinburgh again after the utter chaos in May. I have opted to run The Lochaber Marathon in Fort William on 14th April next year. It sounds like a friendly,, local race, which has had great write ups on this forum …
  • I have to agree with everything that has already been said about the organisation (or lack of it) yesterday. On the plus side i finished in 3:54:24, managing to knock off 1 hour and 5 minutes of last years time.   However i wont be back next year e…
  • Mrs D and me are doing the opposite in September, travelling from Livingston (just outside Edinburgh) to Newcastle for the Great North Run. Like you peteduk, i can't find anywhere to stay in Newcastle. Any ideas???   
  • Whilst in Aviemore for the half marathon back in October, we went to a cafe prior to the race where i had the best ever porridge which was made with pinhead oatmeal and water. It was served with a small jug of honey and cream. Mmmm, delicious.
  • I managed to get my hands on a pair of 2140's about a month ago from the startfitness website. I read a few reviews on the 2150's causing blisters and didn't fancy taking the risk with them. There might still be a few pairs out there somewhere if yo…
  • I know exactly how you feel. Been out shifting another 5 inches of snow today. Had planned to go to Bannatynes Gym in Livingston today, but couldn't get the car out. Maybe tomorrow!!!!
  • Is there any way to download an updated mapping system to Garmin connect? I find it so basic and outdated. Any help appreciated.
  • Hi Kirstie, I bought a Garmin 205 in July this year after using the Nike + for a few years and found a huge difference in results. The 205 is basically the same as the 305 only without the HRM. It is really easy to use on the basic program, just ch…
  • Thanks Mark. I think we will have to get there early on Saturday to avoid the scrum. Hope you have a good run on the day.
  • Where is your dad going? I hope it's not Las Vegas, i was there in June and probably visited every shop without any sucess. To be honest, no one had even heard of them in any of the sports shops i visited. Ended up buying from Amazon when i returned…
  • My first marathon was Edinburgh this year and boy was it hot. Best piece of advice - when you reach Seafield on the outskirts of the city, don't look at the power station at Cockenzie which looks tiny at this point as you have to run about the same …
  • Only 10 or so days to go until Aviemore half. Anyone out there going to be there running?
  • I got a 205 for my 40th birthday a couple of months ago and wondered how i ever done without it. It is much more accurate than the Nike+ that i used to use. Go for the 205, you wont regret it.
  • I think i might be next to cancel. Have been thinking about it for the last few months, mind was made up after there was no review on the 2nd biggest marathon in Britain - Edinburgh. This was my first marathon and i was looking forward to reading ab…
  • Thanks for the advice. I have looked at all the options suggested and i am leaning towards Sporttracks (being a Scotsman, obviously the free version with suffice)!!!!! Thanks again.
  • Move up here to Scotland. The weather you crave so much has been like this all summer!!!!! Enjoy the good weather whilst you can.
  • I went out for a 7 mile run this morning and found my time slower. This however was due to the head wind and driving rain that has been a feature in Central Scotland for the last 4 or 5 days!!! It honestly felt like the winter today with the tempera…