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  • If you are in it for a fast time, don't do London. Bloody simple really! It's obvious that 36000 runners are going to cause congestion so why are you even trying for a time?
  • Yuo can get your meadal engraved here - http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/timing-bar/ and the t shirt is too small (if you are 18 stone and just done a marathon that is!!)
  • I am one of those people who cannot run on an empty stomach but obviously not on a full one either. Depending on how hungry I am and how far I want to go I will toast a bagel or two before a run and set off within half an hour or so. And I recently …
    in Pre-Run fuel Comment by PhilK April 2012
  • Which hotel and how much?
  • Thanks for the replies. To answer a few, I do not drink (well, very rarely these days - about once every few months I have a night out and give it a good bash). I do a speed session once a week (buitl up gradually but it's now either 10X400m or 6…
  • I was always an evening runner (when I first started it was dark so no one could see me,bonus!), I couldn't understand why on Earth someone would want to get out of bed early just to run. I did try it, once, and hated every step of the way plus I wa…
  • I will be but someone has to do it. Keep the finish line open for me please.
  • I got ITB halfway through FLM 2007 and although I finished the run (I won't say race, it took me 8 hours in the end!) it bloody hurt. I saw a sports physio but she could only massage it which didn't help much, an NHS physio tried stretches, manipul…
    in ITB Comment by PhilK March 2009
  • It's a bugger ain't it? I haven't been able to run since Nov 2nd but  I have found that I can run on soft ground, ie football pitches when they are soft after rain. Saying that, my PF gave me hell that night so it might not be a great idea, I suppos…
  • Name: Phil Knowler  Brief running history: I was an overweight Sunday footballer but age caught up with me and I had to give up playing (too many 18 yr olds running rings around me - it got embarrassing), so to try and keep active I decided to run t…
  • Thanks guys. I should make it clear that the physio (actually a Sports Massage Therapist) said that massage won't help any more so there's no point wasting money seeing her for treatment on it. I have been to the Docs and got a referral for physio a…
    in I T band Comment by PhilK January 2008
  • I've been hit by the ITB problem as well, but I get it in the hip/upper thigh rather than the knee. Physio says there's not a lot she can do about it as my hips aren't straight so until I get them sorted I have to grin and bear it. Just go to find t…
    in I T band Comment by PhilK January 2008
  • Some chavette tried to trip me up once as I passed her and her mates. Being 6'1" and 19 stone I didn't even feel her as ran into her but I did hear her comment from the floor, 'Farking 'hell, that caaaarnt just run me over'.  Funny thing is, I see h…
  • Happened to me last year, I didn't bequeath but it still got cashed and I got a fleece. Didn't bother chasing it up, it's only £30 after all.
  • Water is good. I am type 2 as well but think nothing of taking on Lucozade Sport when I need it. I also drink Asda Blue Charge (their version of Red Bull) before a longer run sometimes.
    in Any Diabetics Comment by PhilK July 2007
  • I run about the same pace as you Bronnie and I take walk breaks too. There's nothing wrong with them if you need them and they help you overall. If you didn't take the break you would knacker yourself sooner and not finish the distance.
  • Sunday 15/07/07. It was stormy, thunder and rain pouring down, I had a cold and I really didn't want to go out. Decided that as I am training for a half marathon and I can't run 2 miles without stopping I had better go. Waited for a break in the ra…
    in My Last Run Comment by PhilK July 2007
  • 20 mins for 5k? Not all of us!!
  • Nick, if you find the canal (it runs from Chichester town down to the sea) can you let me know if it's possible to run all the way along it? Much appreciated. philk
  • Isn't the canal long enough? I drive over it regularly and often wonder about running along it. Someone told me it is 3 miles long so a run to one end and back will cover it. Then there's the forest around Goodwood (if you like hills) and if you wan…
  • I was prescribed Orlistat (being 20 stone I think I needed it!) but came off it myself after about two months. It makes you shit through the eye of a needle about four times a day, it's not pleasant BUT it did shift a few lbs of weight. I didn't li…
    in diet pills Comment by PhilK July 2007
  • 'some other guy banjoed him'. What a quality statement.
  • Saw a dog poo in the middle of the path once, as I passed by it moved. Of course I stopped to have a look, watched it intently for a few minutes, decided it was my imagination and as I was about to go again it moved! Only a cm but it moved! So I wat…
    in Running finds Comment by PhilK June 2007
  • Loads of 80's stuff, some 90's, punk, The Jam, The Who, The Fratellis and a Learn to Speak French Course (pt 1)
    in iPlod Comment by PhilK June 2007
  • I first heard this about a year ago but so hope it really happened.
  • Muppet, it took me 8 hours to finish London and the sweeper bus didn't pass me! I was pushed onto the path after 6 hours but there were plenty of people about when I wasn't sure where to go and the finish line was stil there (the 25mile marker wasn'…
  • Enjoy it and go at your own pace.
  • I wish. The best I've managed is 5 miles in 60 mins so you're doing pretty well mate. Keep it up.
  • Once got some cows eyes from the butcher on the way to school and put them in the lunch box of a kid I didn't like. Got the cane for that one but the screams from him were worth it. Not so many years ago during the foot and mouth outbreak me and som…
  • I calibrate mine every few weeks or so. I know where 1 mile is when I run so if it comes in different I know I need to calibrate my Ipod. It's a case of trial and error and keeping an eye on it.