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  • You still hanging round the thread then Q? Tempted yet?   
    in Outlaw 2018 Comment by Pudge July 2017
  • cougie said: Think it's ok -  Lakesman Tri        Sunday 17th June Outlaw Triathlon: Sunday 29 July And what about LakeLAND?   
    in Outlaw 2018 Comment by Pudge July 2017
  • Pikey Pudge and family will be in attendance, if it doesn't clash with the Lakeland weekend.
    in Outlaw 2018 Comment by Pudge July 2017
  • Just a gentle boing, but did you ever get round to posting these Schmunkee, as I never received them?
  • Shorts have arrived safely in this morning's post - thanks Schmunks
  • I'll be there - cracking event this year.
    in Lakesman '18 Comment by Pudge June 2017
  • You can bring mine to IMUK, thank you dear
  • Awwww Schmunks....I don't think anyone is being snippy.  We are just eager to get our hands on (and legs into) some shiny new kit. Thank you for the update.  Knowing that it is on the way will keep us wolves from your door for a wee while longer 
  • Tricoops - your childrens' little aid station was awesome - please make sure they know how much it was appreciated!
    in Lakesman 2017 Comment by Pudge June 2017
  • Run Bloomin’ nora – it suddenly just got really hot!  Without the artificial breeze that comes with moving along on the bike, the lack of any actual wind at all was immediately noticeable.  This was going to be a long, hard slog. Starte…
    in Lakesman 2017 Comment by Pudge June 2017
  • Bike Whereas I’ve neglected swim training this year, because it’s dull and I don’t like it, I have really enjoyed my cycling, which has ultimately meant that I’ve done lots of it.  Even on the crappy weather days, I have still put in the tim…
    in Lakesman 2017 Comment by Pudge June 2017
  • Had a proper top time at Lakesman, thanks in no small part to the large pirate contingent.  Here is my report for anyone interested.... Swim Swimming has never been my forte.  Unlike cycling and running, it’s mos…
    in Lakesman 2017 Comment by Pudge June 2017
  • Razor51 said: Right , I need to borrow a medium Monaco for our kid (skippy) to wear at Holkam. It doesn't look like the order will be here in time. I've got one you can borrow bud. (I don't, on the other hand, have any feckin' tri short…
  • Lee the Pea said: Maybe Schmunks has absconded with the money, hence the 2 months of silence Looking ever more the case, Pea Safe to assume that I won't have any tri-shorts for Lakesman then, do you reckon? 
  • Helloooooooo Schmunkee......pirate control to Schmunkee........any update on pirate kit order please, over. Races coming up soon, over. Kit needed for said races, over. Any response at all?  Over.
  • cougie said: Blimey this might be a duathlon at this rate :  http://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Detail/638/652/2016-05-01/2017-05-31 For a shit swimmer like me, a duathlon might be no bad thing 
    in Lakesman 2017 Comment by Pudge May 2017
  • Razor51 said: Schmunks, sorry to be a pain but could you change Horse's size to xxxl. thanks.    Really?!  Has been eating like his forum name lately?
  • The PSOF Kit Fairy said: Unfortunately I can't answer what's happening re meeting order levels until 31st when everyone has been given the chance to either pay for or amend their order Looks like there's a danger of failure to meet minim…
  • Money transferred for the tri shorts. Thanks Schmunks.
  • Not seen the trunks/crop top combo since Dave Scott and Mark Allen in the IronWar era. However, if that's your thing, then maybe you should get yourself along to this gym session, as you'll benefit from some strength/core/conditioning work, and it…
  • Please could I be added to the list for Tri shorts, but only if they are the longer ones. The ones I've had before were like hotpants, and I ended up giving them to Seren with not so much as a turbo session in them.
  • I'm wondering whether the "female methods of persuasion" that Blisters is referring to is something rather pleasant, or something not so?
  • If you really want to carb load, then you need nothing more than something like pasta or rice, and a bit of chicken, the night before.  Keep it plain too (i.e. no creamy sauces or owt funny like prawns) so as to avoid getting a dicky tummy on the da…
  • Wales   Flat Footed   Duda  Posh Twat Cheerful Dave Slimshady Pudge Barcelona    Magna Carter  Austria Ironbaws   Red Stripe   Mrs Digger   Digger   Littleclown  Booo   Mr Z  Happychap  DPS Dave Cougie Bristol Sparks TJ1004 Toucs Masstricht  W…
  • Cheerful Dave wrote (see) Lanza 2018 wouldn't work for me personally because it's right before A levels.... I was under the impression you were older.
  • Personally, I don't really get why TT bikes are deemed so bad if there's hills about the place.   Uphill - chances are you're out of the saddle and up onto the bull bars, which is not much different from being on the hoods on a road bike, so you'r…
  • Yeah, I'd pretty much agree with your point of view.  But then, same goes for many things, whether it be running, cycling, triathlon etc. It's doing things well (or quickly, in this case) that is the difficult part.
  • Instead of sitting there sniffing really loudly every 30 seconds, blow your damn nose.  It's a small and quiet office, and we don't all want to listen to you constantly snorting your snot. I've offered you tissues on a number of occasions, as a su…
  • +1 for Tacx Neo.  Pricey yes, but worth it? Absolutely. I used to have a bog standard turbo trainer and it was never something that I looked forward to using.  Even using Sufferfest etc. it was quite boring and more of a chore than a pleasure.  Si…
  • +1 for the Plantronics Backbeat. Only ever use them in the gym, but they are great.  Sound is good, fit is brilliant, and they are very robust in design.