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  • Afternoon all, Yummy, that is exactly how a good pair of trail shoes should look having been used for their intended purpose It sounds as if you are going to have a busy Christmas and then straight back to work. I hope you manage to carve out some…
  • Sorry to hear about your friend Daffs
  • ((Mc)), I've missed Mum more this year than last year. She died in November 17 and I think I was just glad it was over (for both our sakes). This year I have found myself picking things up and thinking 'Mum would like this'  . . .
  • Lovely photos! It is hard to believe that Tom has been with you for 2 years already. Where does the time go?! This is a short vid of my choir singing, with the juniors, at our concert on Wimborne Minster on Thursday https://www.facebook.com/diver…
  • Mc, I hope Saturday went as well as possible. Hurrah Pippi! Hope you enjoy your cooking. We had our 'big' gig at the Minster yesterday. It went really well but came on top of a busy week (including choir party Wednesday evening). I am shattered, m…
  • Great running Jenni! Well done. A cat friend of mine, younger than me and an ex-smoker, has recently being diagnosed with lung cancer. She is due for surgery in January, followed by chemo. The outlook is good as she was diagnosed by 'accident' as t…
  • (((Podds))) I am sorry that you have lost your friend. As you say, by the end it was probably a blessed release - but that doesn't stop you mourning her, it sounds as if she was a very special lady.
  • Podds, I am so sorry about your friend. I hope her passing is as gentle and peaceful as possible.
  • Afternoon all, (((Pippi))) I'm srry you are generally low Hope you enjoy Sinterklaas. Yums, I hope your Ma's birthday went well. We don't do an advent calendar and I have stopped doing a candle this year as we eat together so seldom. I am enjoyi…
  • Afternoon all, Well done Daffs! I'm g;ad you are upholding the good name of the WAISTerlounge. Stopping when it was no longer fun sounds very sensible - not that I ever thought I would have cause to call you sensible!  Jenni, how is Mr FarFar's …
  • Well done Jenni, I hope the secondment will lead on to more good things. Pippi, I'm glad the O is over. DL, I'm in the 'tea and cake' corner!
  • Fingers crossed for you Pippi! Mc, I'm glad some of the pressure has been taken from you, hope you are soon feeling more positive. Yums, I would day 'go for it' it will be good experience at the very least and you don't have to take the job if/whe…
  • Sorry Jenni - although you always look gawjus to your friends!
  • Thank heavens I have learned about the benefits of black shoes!
  • Mc, my suggestion would be to take sick leave, at least while you decide what to do. Nice hairdo Jenni. Have a lovely time in Glasgow. DL, sterkte.
  • Mc, do what is right for you, you certainly don't owe the Head anything!
  • Yums, I envy you the bat experience. We used to see them a lot when we first moved to the old house but not so much these days. I hope you have many happy years with the new dishwasher (I'm guessing you don't mean a NYL?? ). Sky inflicted a good …
  • Rather you than me Pippi! 
  • Well done for surviving parents' evening! I suppose you were also responsible for hurricane Michael?? Chuggy, I hope C3's check-up went well and he is now allowed to drive again. MS has had no further problems with his vision, thankfully.
  • Mc, I'm sorry that you are feeling so rotten - and that you didn't get the support you should have from the head
  • Fingers crossed for you Jenni! Sky managed to damage Chris during the basket manouvre, then she went to ground in the gap between our bed and the bedside table. I managed to winkle her out without too much trauma and got her into the basket before …
  • Yums, that is a beautiful medal! I'm glad that things are still going well with NYL and that your Ma seems to be settling into her new pad. Jenni, Yums is right that you did well to present our grievance and be heard. I hope the job works out as i…
  • Christmas is cancelled this year DL!
  • Podds, I'm glad you live to fight another day - although not having to fight would make a nice change! Lovely photos of the houndies - the top one has a very worried expression.
  • Chuggy, MS doesn't have a retinal detachment, thankfully! Like Mr Pippi, he has 'vitreous floaters' which are more common with age. There is an increased risk of a future detachment - but he is at a higher risk anyway, due to his extreme short-sight…
  • Pippi, that sounds similar to what MS described. Skycat is heaps better today and is currently purring on my lap
  • Chuggy, I'm glad you have been able to spend some enjoyable time together as a family, even though you weren't able to go away. How is C3 doing? Has he actually had his surgery yet? Pippi, your halo is blinding me, even from here! I've had a bit o…
  • Sounds like a lovely day Pippi!
  • Chuggy, I hope that C3 is able to get his op done soon, then he will be on the road to recovery. The seasickness patch has worked very well for me in the past. The seas were so calm this time round, it wasn't really put to the test - although I use…
  • Yums, I'm glad that your Ma seems OK now.  Podds, Mr P gets up to far too much mischief for someone buried under the patio - just think what damage he could do if you let him out!!    No dining at the Captain's table for us - in fact, I don't thin…