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  • Hope people have enjoyed the Christmas and New Year period, if not enjoyed at least managed to survive intact.  (((((Blue Room)))))
  • oooooh it has gone quiet! Sorry I've been awol for a bit, was having a tough time and finding it hard to talk about it or help anyone else  and then everything changed in a matter of days.  I've got a short term contract so doing some real work... …
  • ok so LMH can say it in less words than me
  • where is your anger directed bunney?  is at yourself or other people?  I get a hint that you are angry with yourself at the moment and you are beating yourself up (and down) repeatedly.  you wouldn't do this to Brian so why do it to yourself? i kn…
  • for anybody who missed the small piece on mental health stigma on Comic Relief this year Comic Relief on YouTube it does raise some of the interesting issues faced when you admit to "mental illness" whether its depression, bipolar, BPD or whatever…
  • too true LHM, we've always tried to be inclusive and it must be hard for new people to come and talk as it is without us being elitist or clique!
  • JWrun, you wont be the first person to complete the FLR on a/ds, there are a few people who've posted on here before and run the course, but you might have to set a different target but that is likely to be the caused by the depression itself as muc…
  • Jean it might be the a/ds or might be the depression itself depending on how your overall mood is on the seroxat.  if your mood is much better apart then it may be worth staying on it until the depression is resolved (plus 6 months without relapse) …
  • ((((Blue room))))
  • HPWC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! morning darhlings and sirs
  • probably cant get up for the cheese she's just eaten
  • hiya Buney (((((mwah))))) its about smarties, gin, Jj scampering in and sliding on rugs, GIN, planks, gin, smarties,$ex, alcohol, comedy....  and anything else that comes to mind
  • what false pretences???
  • [wanders in looking at piles of skin left lying around] you could tidy up after you've flayed people hipps!  someone could do themselves a mischief on this floor...
  • shiny?  if it was friction they'd have burst into flames  by now!
  • MORNING!!!!
  • nipples? well you're the first to raise them on this page, unless you confuesd them with smarties (The red ones of course...)
  • i vaguely remember some Mike Harding sketch about a drunk, relieving himself over a wall one night and the following morning the guy who owned the property was complaining about his tortoise looking like a Viking helmet!
  • has he got a viking helmet?
  • 'marties for maties!
  • i did wonder about using the plank as a snowboard but that would have been too much for a monday morning. Smarties anyone?
  • [slides in for a quick '00]
  • ooooooh First post of the day.... could it be....... HPWC!!! that should wake you all up, and provide opportunity of tweaking 
  • hey up peeps! soss I'm late but only just got my mail, having a serious attack of the parents and the boys this weekend so not been online much today.  Not around on RW much apart from the blue room and never really took to Fetch as it all seemed …
  • i'm shattered, not sleeping that well but can stay awake half the night even with sleeping tablets.  so so so sick of "surviving" and "coping".
  • gawd i'm cynical tonight
  • i would echo what Tweety says Blox Head, and add how much of your stress from work are you redirecting into your running, i.e. instead of letting work stress are you setting targets in running to replace or augment it?  After all if you've been sett…
  • that sounds like progress April hopefully they will act on what's being said as well as listening. Nope Tracey, less than 6 hours again...  Not going to go back to bed this morning as off to the GP for some more liver test results and need a script…
  • (((((((pea))))))) its not a back step if you need them to cope at the moment, its a forward step to go to the docs when you are pretty sure that will be the result.  plus its another positive that you sound to be accepting that while it might not be…
  • sorry Pea, i meant to ask how you were doing?  do you know what has tripped you up or has it been building in the background and you've been trying to ignore it or just keep going?  I think you should see the doc if for no other reason than to talk …