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  • I got some Salomon XR's for 50£ happy with them
  • I enjoyed the Kennet & Avon canal race 56 miler this year. Would be a cracking race if it had a few more competitors. Plus it was a 1£ a mile so can't grumble
  • Gavin how did the sizing come up on them?
  • Hmm lol I need a 25l sack that holds water bottles as don't like bladders I'm being lent the OMM 25l to see how i get on with it but its the older version. Yeah i got the Alpkit Gamma too and was pretty decent
  • Ive found it to be a bt hit and miss but i do get it working everytime. I think i might be missing something somewhere. I dont think its faulty i just dont think im doing it right. It took me a few goes to get it working propetly. I wear the strap q…
  • Cougie much appreciated. It was what i was thinking
  • Because the person who I am doing it with is friends with him I do get what you are saying but you could say just a few mates could go and run the MDS course together or the UTMB course together or London Marathon together but its still not doing t…
    in T184 Comment by TheVicar October 2013
  • alwaysinjured- or spend an extra 25£ and be part of an event?? As I said its my big race next year so its not a problem. But I am doing other free events along with LDWA events so I am doing a good mix so I can afford the odd expensive race.
    in T184 Comment by TheVicar October 2013
  • i really do get what you are saying. Essentially I could run the challenge whenever I want as no doubt there will be shops etc on the way..... But I need an event to work towards and not a date that I just choose because i'll never do it. I like the…
    in T184 Comment by TheVicar October 2013
  • I have jumped on here after somebody on the T184 thread said something about the price. Its horses for courses really. Yes 125£ to me is a hell of a lot of money and yes its quite expensive for a self supported race. But for me it might be a once in…
  • Yup I've done a few LDWA events all very friendly Doing Sidmouth saunter 30 miler in a couple of weeks
  • I'm in. Signed up Saturday  
    in T184 Comment by TheVicar October 2013
  • People swear by using sudocrem on their feet
  • Perhaps edge towards a more minimalist shoe? Thats what i've done and run 56 miles on Saturday without a single blister. Plus buy some Injinji socks Best invention ever
  • Yeah I emailed him just to say thanks and got a nice email back. I hope it does grow and attracts more runners. Just signed up to a nice little 30 miler next month.....here we go again
  • Quite interesting everybodies point of view. Technically yes its stealing to a point but at the same time it seems morally ok??  Is it ok to watch something for free and if you like it purchase it? Then you know you are spending your money wisely?
  • interesting points of view. Will it ever get to a point where so many people are downloading stuff illegally that certain films, games, music will not be made?? Good point about sponsorship etc though.
  • Lol no not compression type stuff just like http://www.milletsports.co.uk/fitness/athletic-supports/back/ Basically to give you a helping hand with posture and keep you more upright come the end of an Ultra?
  • Gotta wait till pay day but I am popping along for a nice day out
  • Today I am much better than yesterday! But still cant get up and down without a bit of effort. I agree I would have like a few more runners to latch on to. I chatted with a chap called Tim for the first 10 miles then didn't speak to anybody else unt…
  • Good to hear buddy. Finished in just under 12 I really really enjoyed it. But the miles passed so so slowly towards the end. I did manage to run from 35 to 45 miles but walked 5 to 50 and jogged the rest in. Its amazing because it felt like I was s…
  • Yeah feeling good and happy to crack on Saturday without any worries. Was quite impressed to be fair and will be something I would consider again with future problems. Like I said I never really bought into all this witch craft but now I am pretty m…
  • Had a bit of a toe injury and managed to get that cleared up. Havent run for 2 weeks though so hopefully will be fresh! Looking forward to it now we have some more details on water stations etc on the website I am justplaying around with what I am g…
  • Just an after thought I got Ultrasport navrun 500 and love it. Cost 70 quid
  • 56 miles. First time over 30. Yeah I was quite surprised we managed to get something sorted. I'm not one for faffing about with stuff like this but it really has helped Perhaps 40 miles in on saturday it might come back
  • Also-ran yes I do use foam roller and thats what came up in my searches online. Just been seen by my lovely healing lady and its worked. I cannot believe its worked but it has! She is a sports therapist apparantly a different thing to a Physio But …
  • Interesting. I thought it was to do with muscles but I wont judge because our bodies are strange old things and just because my toe hurts doesn't mean thats where the problem is and all that Glad to hear you say do it now rather than later I was th…
  • Jus-Got point well made. But to play devils advocate. You would then start relying on high ranking army officers as such to run the country because it will never be your nomal squaddie who will be prime minister thats for sure British military hist…
  • Sorry I was just answering my own question Problem is the kings who actually fought were bought up training for the day. David Cameron has ponced about a bit. Thats doesn't really qualify him for this. Look at Prince Harry - I'd ride in to battle…
  • I have Alpkit Gamma too and just found out after 2 years that it has different coloured LED's I also do a spot of cave diving and use Fenix lamps and they are proper hardcore, extremely bright if thats what you are after, just that most people seem…
    in Gear Comment by TheVicar September 2013