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  • boulderholder said: any advice on how to re-gain one's natural running style Just find a pair of trainers that feel comfortable and go for a run in them. Whatever it is you've forgotten will be in your subconscious and kick in quick-shar…
  • Might be worth trying out the various patterns below to see if they alleviate the pain:
  • It was £99 when I did it, I think it's £119 now: https://www.dnafit.com/store/dietfitnesspro.asp Here were the disclaimers in the Coeliac Predisposition results, Nessie: But it does give the specific gene and genotype:
  • Got my results today (took longer that it should've as I sent the swab back incorrectly the first time - 'doh!) and have attached a summary infographic .pdf so you can have a gander. There's loads of in depth reports with recommendations accessible…
  • So Mr Fuckface von Clownstick is to declare a national emergency releasing funds for the "crisis" at the border. Err, good luck getting that through Senate and the courts.
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 15
  • RicF said: A wall seems a bit extreme. It won't work anyway unless they bury it down 100 feet. It's just a pathetic attempt to fulfil a campaign promise (he can't keep) and instill fear and hate in his base:  * 95% of the drugs from Mex…
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 14
  • Looks like a tentative deal has been reached between Democrats and Republicans which includes $1.37 billion for border fencing, as opposed to the $5.75 billion Trump wanted for border wall construction.
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 13
  • There's no need to worry about your HRmax being higher than the 220-age calculation as it's just a rough approximation to an average. Use your highest recorded HRmax to derive your training zones. In fact, if you do a maximal HR stress test (click),…
  • RicF said: Jobs where you could get hurt, maimed or killed. Estate Agent?
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 12
  • Hello, if you drink 5l every 10k you'll soon develop hyponatremia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyponatremia Depending on the weather, 400ml-800ml per hour will more than suffice. A handheld like this: https://www.networldsports.co.uk/single-r…
  • I had one of Big Vern inked on my hip in the Summer of '92.
  • https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/10/vicente-fox-drops-f-bomb-in-describing-trump-approach-to-world.html Vicente Fox focuses on the fact that Trump has a "fuck you" philosophy; just like you and your riches, Ric 
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 10
  • They keep adding and taking this away from our Profiles: Suggests they're still developing the forums.
  • RicF said: It doesn't matter. People hiding behind pseudonyms has a lot to do with it. Take a look around the multitude of threads on these forums. Very few peeps use their actual forename/surname combo as Usernames. I mean, even you don't.
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 8
  • RicF said: Says something which has neither name nor face.  To be fair, these forums aren't strictly "Social Media". There's no expectation/obligation to reveal personal details, tell people how you're doing on Candy Crush and broadcast t…
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 7
  • You've probably already read the following link, but it's got some good info: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/training/how-to-train-your-dog-to-run-with-you/ If all else fails:
  • Well said, Mr Tusk. Finally, a tweet from a "Donald" that actually made sense.
  • Before: RicF said:  Deary me. Does it really matter that much? RicF said: Dangerous to who? RicF said: He's an egotistical business man with questionable hair who posts impulse comments on Twitter. RicF said: …
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 7
  • RicF said: The problem is that the time frame described as 'haste' has reduced from about a month, down to the time it takes to post on 'Twitter'. Knee jerk reactions to the serious business of governing the USA has condensed into a single je…
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 4
  • Are you feeling any of the symptoms of overtraining? https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20795770/classic-signs-youre-overtraining/ If not, just stick with the volume and taper two weeks out.
  • https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/ Day 745 of his presidency and an approval rating of 39.6% - lower than any other president during the modern era at this stage.
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec February 3
  • tommyburns13 said: Hi, does anyone happen to know anywhere around coventry that I can go and see some garmin watches before I buy one? I have been looking at the 735xt as i am doing my first marathon at the end of the this year. Any help would …
    in Garmin Comment by Ynnec February 1
  • This time it's a miscreant on a fixie: https://www.bicycling.com/news/a26081001/cyclist-turned-bank-robber-tom-justice/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_byc&utm_medium=email&date=013119&src=nl&utm_campaign=15863774
  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47066659 Statements like that make a compelling case for secularism.
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec January 31
  • Apologies but "Peroneus Longus" would've been a good name for a Roman pornstar.
  • Wheelyneil said: Cycling is pretty rubbish for cardio training unless you're going hard up steep hills.  Wheelyneil said: I said cycling, as in covering ground on an actual bicycle, was rubbish for cardio, not a stationary ‘bike’. …
  • RicF said: Trump doesn't know what it's like to live from paycheck to paycheck.  Amen to that. Daddy gave him a combined total of $415m (it wouldn't take Warren Buffet to turn that into a few billion) whilst 61% of Americans don't hav…
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec January 28
  • Wheelyneil said: Cycling is pretty rubbish for cardio training unless you're going hard up steep hills.  Controversial. Wheelyneil said: I don't think I've ever managed to get my heart rate above 150 or even remotely out …
  • https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/27/trump-faulted-for-government-shutdown-nbc-wsj-poll.html * An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll showed that by 63 percent to 28 percent , a margin greater than two to one, Americans believe the country is "off on the wrong…
    in Trump Comment by Ynnec January 27
  • Ian Coady said: About 6 months ago, I decided to intensify my training and pushed myself pretty hard for a week at a faster pace than normal. After about 7 days I started to get a pain in my right hip. That was 6 months ago and the pa…