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  • Well done to all pirates and piratey supporters .- Never thought that rain would be a problem in Nice... My descending was rubbish in the dry, I'd probably have got off and walked. Will be back on the pirate ship at some point, Just finished t…
  • knock 'em dead tomorrow. If it's the same as 2008, wishing everyone their black armband and enjoy that first beer after.
  • Sounds like the first thing for you is to go outside.- No need to change the treadmill blindspot.- There are loads of training plans out there.- Build up slowly and run at a far slower pace than you expect( It's not run for the bus running,  you…
  • I was just hoping.- Several people drove to IM Nice in 2008 and if anyone has a roadtrip (ok, and ferry trip) planned I'd love to cadge some space on it ... We're planning an extended stay in the canaries this summer, and freighting our stuff over…
  • Random Question:... Is anyone planning to go to this by road/ferry who might have extra space for bikes/boxes in exchange for a healthy contribution to petrol money? Or indeed to the IM?
  • mashedPotato.- My first marathon I'd trained reasonably for (about a year) and I ended up with 4:37. 2 years and 4 marathons later I got my time down to 3:11. I don't think I'd have got there without the actual races though.- So much is mental and…
  • What about a pirate running LeJog?- Pref spring 2015
  • I wonder whether we can mix black baloons with our usual blue and yellow at Mudchute?
  • Thanks Seren good to know. We'll be at Mudchute as normal
  • Not been online for a while.= Any of ours over there?
  • Hi guys.- Unfortunately the TP won't be out to play this week.- We still might be, but since I have a small hole in my head right now I certainly don't feel like lugging a tent around and camping.- We have friends nearby so depending on how I feel a…
  • @Mike.- That tree that womble mentioned.- Alex saw it fall! I think that was when he decided the organisers had probably made the right decision.
  • I expect they will at some point, but the timing chips were registered for specific races, so it's not surprising that the initial results show the chips in the race for which they were registered. Given the conditions- Times aren't really importan…
  • re not making the results:- Look in the marathon section rather than the half marathon.
  • @Ian.- Some of us find running down hill quite tough,- especially on cold tired wobbly legs.- If you can comfortably run fast down hill, just enjoy it ( and try not to knock me over if you trip and tumble
  • The pre-race announcements were terrible- I heard bits of the usual pre-race time filling when they should have just been repeating that the Full Marathon was cancelled- I heard rumours in the crowd, but only heard it officially at the gun.- I woul…
  • Hiya.- I've got a spreadsheet now.- If any support team wants expected times for their runners or any runners want a prediction chart for their supporters,  just ;let me know.
  • We'll be popping in as usual.- drinking far too much and cheering excitedly.  There's a supermarket very close to the support point  so the supporters usually fair pretty well.  (I've not read back, it is in the same place as usual etc isn't it?)
  • I don't think it was 7 hours, but I did do some long stints.- cycling out from london was *horrid*.  Beer drinking is definitely most of our plan Then I expect to be about 50/50 thanking my lucky stars I'm not competing-/jealously watching the comp…
  • I'm well.- Not done much training at in years, but I've just signed up for Stratford mara.- I'll pop over to the campsite website and sign us in.- Do i need to ask for a specific area ? The TP needs a fair amount of space and we definitely want ca…
  • Hi guys, long time no train.- We're planning to come support this year (if you'll have us).- Where are the campsite details?
  • Yaaaarrrrrrr....- I've been far too busy at work to post recently.- and I training is pants, so Ive not been around.- BUt I had to pop in on this most special of days.- To send a hearty Yaaarrr to you all.-  Not entirely convinced which one of you…
  • Looking for squishy/hollywood.-  I want a brolly- but the site says to talk to squishy...
  • I'm not sure about me, but apparently my cat is only 23% gay. - Which is a tad strange since his biggest hunting expeditions so far have been moths and the occasional dead leaf!
  • Good point, but there might be free beer if we actually get it working. Still, I'll get there when I can, and I'm sure alex will let me know where you all are.
  • yey picnics... I'm not actually sure what time I'll get there.- A project we've been working on for the last year is just going live !!!! But alex should be there all evening...
  • No can do.- But I'd be up for it next time if I'm around.- Gotta love those particularly flat bits
  • The model number is N62FX and it'sgot "external lithium-polymer Battery Pack" on the back or , you could just follow http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?criteria=n62fx&source=15&SD=Y
  • PSC.- My other half fixed this for me for Nice.- You can buy a battery pack ( It's about the size of a credit card). with a mini usb fitting..- Pop that in your bento box,- fit the garmin on your bike in it's cradle.- Then the swim/bike bits the ga…
  • Well done natnif.- Please don't tell them you changed your racing colours to be more piratey.- They'll expect me to have yellow hair next....;-)