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miss slow
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  • I did it 2015, you're in for an amazing experience!
  • Hubby and I both doing Purbeck Marathon this year.  Family live in Swanage so I know the route will be very scenic and hilly!  As my avatar shows I suspect I might be last runner home, but am looking forward to it 
  • I did Pilgrims Ultra last weekend (2 x 33miles along NDW).  It was a real mudfest, sandy and stony in places, trail shoes essential.  If you have dry weather for a couple of weeks before your event, then you may get away with road shoes, but I would…
  • I am totally with you.  I even dithered over whether I would run or run/walk, so have a later start time (8.40am).  Am now dithering over clothing and everything else.  I have been using trail shoes half size bigger than my usual running shoes so I …
  • My family all use Life360 app - just gives peace of mind if someone goes missing or is worried etc.  It can be turned on and off manually by a user at any time for privacy.
  • Never been absolutely last but always near the back!  Often see the last runner coming over the finish at local events & they generally get more support than the middle pack, so don't worry & enjoy it.
  • Hi Twinklestar, having been accepted once & rejected twice I can advise the following: If you get a bulky package = jacket (rejection) Last year I got a magazine showing 'commiserations' as the headline through the packaging - self explanato…
  • I had the same thing when changing brands.  After a few runs they softened up a bit & were fine.  Took a couple of goes with protective bllister plasters though...
  • I am a partner in a printing co, but would rather win the lottery, sigh...
  • British 10K, need I say more...
  • HannahsmomUK - we got our umbrella hats from eBay, thoroughly recommend for hammering rain & a bit of fun. Photos - If you find a pic u like on marathon photos, the free download bit is third bit down (it just says 'download' instead of a cost…
  • I have been mugged, but it happened so fast and unexpectedly, I didn't really have time to think what to do.  In a flash I had been robbed and hit in the face.  I just remember seeing stars and being confused as to what had happened.  I think the on…
  • My sister & I ran this for the first time this year, despite our misgivings seeing RW feedback, as she missed out on the Bupa 10k.  Never again.  The baggage was unsecure and uncovered, way too many people for unstaggered start and a complete bu…
  • I met my OH when we were both married to other people, so I guess we would both have grounds for future suspicion.  However, I feel secure enough & have trust in our relationship that checking-up seems unnecessary and could cause resentment.  He…
  • Hard-Fi - Hard to Beat
  • I got my pack today & it contains the printed numbered t-shirt, PLUS a standard paper number with pins - I take that as meaning you could use either?
  • Hi LoubyLou, I like the Freya active sports shorts, no seams in horrible places & wicking/technical.  They do come up a bit small, so go for a tad larger than you think.  Plenty on eBay  
  • I had a similar thing with pins and needles in one arm.  Turned out to be a trapped nerve due to neck/shoulder injury.  Yours sounds a bit more serious though, could be vascular.  I would advise you get a docs opinion asap.  Hope you get it sorted.
  • Oh no, quick get some echinacea in you, you might be able to fight it off! 
  • I'm in white too, but as I will be taking it slow due to recovering knee, I will be skulking at the back so I don't get trampled.  I applied before I knew I'd need the knee op! I have made a little sign for my back to say 'running in new knee, pleas…
  • Hi all, looking forward to my first GSR this weekend Has anyone tried the Nirvana park n ride option?  They have sent me instructions (IBM car park then coach) & wristband etc, but wonder whether it would be just as easy to park on the common …
  • I am a size 4.5 & find the 2-5's too small, def go for the bigger ones
  • try booking for 2 nights - suddenly becomes available! (but more expensive tho)
  • If you carry a gps-enabled phone, you can use google latitude, worked for me last year - family & friends tracked on their phones
  • Navs, I know your post was months ago, but just wondered how you're getting on?  I am due to have exactly the same surgery & also have been told to stop running in the future as well, (or maybe stick to very short distances) which I am finding h…
  • I had knee arthroscopy via Bupa (work perk) about 8 years ago.  From Doctor's referral to surgery was 2 weeks, was ski-ing 4 weeks afterwards! However, 8 years later am going through same thing again but via NHS (company stopped the Bupa during rec…
  • I've booked up for it, but not done it previously.  Looked like a less boring way of doing a 20m training run before my Brighton marathon.  Slightly worried about the 'undulating' part, but should be interesting.
  • Hi All - same here - if anyone has a EM place they're not going to use & would like to transfer, do get in touch, cheers, P
  • Hi all, have not got into VLM, but my contingency plan of entering Brighton at the same time has worked out well Looking forward to the sea air, and a dip in the sea afterwards (maybe, brrr) - on with the training!
  • I stayed in Greenwich (Ibis) which was right by the start, and left my car parked at the Trafalgar Square NCP overnight.  Worked like clockwork, and very grateful to have a short plod to the car from the finish, but a bit of a tired & smelly dri…