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  • All the best with your run Daisydoo - hope your training is going well. The power station part will be hard but I suppose we've all trained in isolation, so it's nothing we're not used to!
  • That's great, thanks Webby.
  • Also, sorry, how crowded was the start - did it take a while to disperse?
  • Thanks Webby, much appreciated. I've only run one marathon before and 21-25 miles was awful, so will consider the bit about the power station and think what I can do try and get through that bit. Am thinking I'll run with a bottle as I'm not ke…
  • Thanks a lot KL11 - I know Brighton quite well and what you've said about the pier not getting any closer sounds about right, that is a long old stretch!
  • Thanks Fat Boy Trim - it certainly seems to be a marathon that most people love running, so I'm glad I am entered!
  • Thanks Stu - much appreciated, I will take a look. I find the crowded starts a distraction... I tend to start panicking about my mile times, try to make up the time and end up expending far more energy than usual! It sounds as if it's not as b…
  • Hi, I am signed up for the Brighton Marathon 2019 - doesn't appear to be a thread for that but appreciate it is a bit early! I wondered what the mass start is like, did anyone here experience it this year? I love the busy, big marathons but a …