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paul jones 64
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  • Bit better than your last result. Good effort 👍
  • Thanks for your reply’s.👍
  • I’ve been using it for about two years now and love it. Went the whol hog and bought a wahoo kicker. I think Zwift is £13 a month which is expensive I thought but having the kicker it’s great. I did most of my bike training on it for the outlaw and …
  • Thanks very much. Bothe answers make sense. Except I didn't get up straight after food. Believe it or not a big yawn bought on the dizziness. I asked the question because my wife thought I was  dying and now won't let me do another one 
  • Late reply I know but I have been using clif blocks and flapjack with great success
  • Sorry, one more question. After finishing I had a welcomed massage, went for a shower, then went and got something to eat. After eating which was by then about an hour after finishing. I collapsed and came round surrounded by paramedics. My wife …
  • Thanks, for the info.this was my first tri. Thurraly enjoyed it until that last lap. That lake run, wow. Id like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers around the routes. you made the day. Thanks. I will never eat another Jaffa cake …
  • Did anyone else find the loud music and the fireworks display 4 hours before getting up refreshing !!!
  • A great day. BBC need to spend a little less on presenters and a little more on weather forcsting. The stress of watching there app !! Anyway, can anyone explain why your tri suit has to be done up ? Only comes down 8". Told to do it up ??
  • Thanks for that. 1053, lucky or not it's now very real. Any other first timers bricking it. Having thoughts of self bout and convincing themselves they havent done enough !!!
  • Well call me a cyber biff but I cant find the numbers. Can someone post the link or give this old fella a clue !!!
  • Thanks, got some strong pain killers so will rest for the week then light exercise up tp the day. Rather be a DNF than DNS!!! See you on the start line .
  • Bugger,, im doing outlaw. My first full distance. Three weeks to go and ive pulled my back, maybe slip disc. Went for a swim friday and I think the wetsuite held everything together. 2 hour swin with no issues. Ill give it a couple more days and giv…
  • Mallowpuff, I like the sound of that. Where do I sign 
  • Better start  learning to swim then!! Please excuse my ignorance but what are pirates. Is it a running club ?
  • Thanks, it's the chaos at the start of the swim that bothers me the most. Just have to stay out the way. My first full distance was going to be Weymouth IM then they can led it for 17. Very excited about the Outlaw though !!
  • Hi all, just getting into tri after many years of running. Got a place in outlaw 17. What are pirates ?  Thanks
  • Well, ive gone and done a daft thing.After doing a couple of sprints ive signd up for outlaw 2017. Can somebody tell me, the swim. Is it deep ? I ask because watching the  TV coverage on youtube it looks like people are walking at the begining of th…
  • Just watched the UTMB link, OMG. you do a couple of marathons and think your the dogs dangles. When you have done something like that you know you have achieved. Up most respect to all ultra runners. Truly inspirational 
  • Quite .To be honest I entered months ago. Thought Cheddar is nice Ill do that. Don't recall anywhere reading it was all cross country. Still very satisfying finishing. Felt it was one medal well earned. Still not convinced about the distance. An…
  • Do you think maybe the Garmin has trouble with elevation, i know i did. I think Ill give the full marathon a miss. I didnt enjoy it. Just couldent get a pace going. Good luck to you though 
  • Just got back from it. It was hard and slow. very steep and slippery. My Garmen said 10.6 miles. Did anyone else find it short. Not that im complaining. Id had enough by te end 
  • I have signd up for the half next weekend. Do we get numbers ect there or are they being posted ???