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  • I like this time of year (I work part time as a pt and massage therapist) I think its great that people feel inspired to get off their backsides and do something.  It doesn't matter what size they are - most of my clients are very overweight and wan…
  • I did the premier pt and sports massage - pt is a bit hit and miss at the moment but working as massage therapist in osteopathy clinic is going well. The premier course is excellent but it is a tough 12 weeks - I'd recommend it.
  • Another vote for the camelbak neoprene cover  - I use mine skiing as well - the only time it has ever frozen was when it got down to about -25C !
  • Haven't dislocated a shoulder (touches some wood!) but you're right in thinking it will never be as strong as it originally was.  I would recommend strengthening the rotator cuff muscles and the upper back area.  Might be worth speaking to a sports …
  • Hi Candy You've got a reply anyway.  Kensington is a bit too far for me - based in north herts. Rach 
  • I work self employed and ask all my clients to sign an agreement that payment will be made in full.  Could you do something similar?  I understand that you have to sign a contract but I don't see any reason why you couldn't have a legal document dra…
  • This weekend I will be mostly drinking guiness in Dublin!!
  • I would say that if you haven't been able to run for the last 2 months then now is probably not the best time to start back at it - you will starting pretty much back at the beginning.  Your body will be going through huge changes due to the pregnan…
  • what treatment have you had at the sports injury clinic?  Difficult to suggest stuff without seeing you.  Did the problem start in your hip or your calf?
  • I might be interested - do you have any dates that you need people to be available for ?? Rach 
  • I'm just starting up my pt business here in the uk.  I say go for it - hit the ex pat market or english speakers.  I'm sure some of the big hotel chains or holiday resorts would have use for an english speaking trainer, at least while you're getting…
    in Italy Comment by rach2005 October 2007
  • I take the zipvit 1500mg one as well - its the only thing that seems to stop my finger joint aching after I dislocated it last year! Take mine just before I go to bed along with a multivit and I've never noticed any side effects - possibly cos I'm a…
  • get a foam roller - that should help
  • That sounds great!  Only other tips I would give are keep it varied so he doesn't lose interest - maybe devise a mini circuit !!
  • Sadly I'm with Abbey!!! But only till March then I'm off to find a better deal!!! Fingers crossed we get the mortgage offer on Monday. Waits patiently.......... 
  • Tell me about it - am supposed to be buying a house and now they are having second thoughts about the mortgage even though they promised it! effing [email protected]!!
  • Does the pain stay after you have finished running or does it go away as soon as you stop??
  • people who drive at 30 in a 40 zone then happily drive at 40in a 30 zone wtf? people with no manners? People who ask really stupid questions - like the guy who asked me if I was a personal trainer when I'm wearing a name tag and huge letters acros…
  • Just changed my career to do Pt an sports massage. Depends whether you want to just be a fitness instructor teaching classes or become a personal trainer. I did the premier course and found it to be very thorough but since you are so young its a v…
  • yes - I had to wait the full 12 weeks cos the bones were still too mobile. So by that time I had a broken collar bone and a frozen shoulder!! But if the doc has given you the ok to start moving it you should be ok - just take it really easy, don't…
  • Know what you mean - I'm still morning the loss of my favourite biking top which had to be cut off....sob!! My physio gave me a sheet of exercises to do - I will try to describe them!! 1. Lying on back raise arm up straight and try to reach over yo…
  • Are you stretching properly after each run? Sometimes tight hamstrings, tight piriformis (little muscle that goes from your hip to your back) and glute muscles can put pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Tall bird - welcome to the club - did mine last June - blooming painful! It took 12 weeks for the bone ends to join - unfortunately they joined a bit wonkey so I have a very attractive pointy bit sticking out the top of my shoulder! I would recomme…
  • Thanks guys. Right - I'm off to talk to the muppets at the bank!!
  • depending on exactly where the pain is, it could be a tight hamstring muscle - two of them attach here. Might be worth getting a sports massage or seeing a sports injury person who should be able to help - difficult to know without seeing exactly w…
  • loved it from start to finish. been waiting ages for this one to come out, although am a little sad now that the story is complete. now what will i read next ??
  • You are not a freak!!! Black technical running bottoms are the way forward, or find bottoms in a material that doesn't change colour when it gets wet!! Hope that helps!
  • Its ok, noah and his ark will be arriving soon!
  • agy k - can you aquajog? That will certainly help with endurance! Its a flotation belt that wear in the pool so you can go through the motion of running without any impact.
  • Its possible it could be down to tight muscles or a back problem. Did neither of them suggest any stretches for you to do ? Did the problem ease after your massage?