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  • A better view from slightly higher up?
  • After last year's struggle in the heat, a cool fresh day might be just what this Scotsman needs.
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip 11:10AM
  • Met Office forecast looks perfect - 10 degrees, overcast, light winds, 10% chance of rain?
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip 8:51AM
  • Stu Gillespie, I live in SW and have been lucky enough that this is my 9th consecutive London marathon. Which newspaper do you write for?
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip April 18
  • StevieWh, I noticed that too. Seems like all the big races overplay the numbers involved, maybe to appear more attractive to potential sponsors?
  • Yellow start for me this year. That's a new one, looks like it's a new name for what was the FGFA pen at the front of the red start line. Yellow number on a red background. This is getting complicated.
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip April 9
  • This training period hasn't gone too well for me, persistent knee issues which have lost me a few weeks of training. I'm also about 5kg overweight, which is just down to lack of willpower on my part. Ran the Barcelona marathon three weeks ago, but t…
  • Phil, the best judge of target pace is you. But if you do decide to get brave / stupid (delete as appropriate), bear in mind the weather forecast, it's currently looking perfect for running. Maybe head off at 3:35 pace and see how you feel at half-w…
  • Reverse taper from Barcelona marathon 2.5 weeks ago into taper for Manchester. My legs are still tired, I ran a 10K at marathon pace yesterday and the thought of doing that x4 is horrible. Still a few aches and niggles, but hopefully nothing that co…
  • Jonny - I agree. One rule of thumb is double your HM time and add 20 minutes, so 3:45 seems conservative. However, this assumes the correct training, and it sounds as though you don't have as many long distance runs done as you might have liked. Bas…
  • I was in Barcelona at the weekend with a few mates from my running club (marathon was on Sunday). We went out for an easy sightseeing run on the Thursday night and I tried to run across a main road (off the main roundabout at the start area, a reall…
  • Khanivore - I use High 5 gels, they're the only brand (and only one flavour) that my stomach can cope with. I take 6 and always at 6, 10, 14, 17, 20 & 23 miles. This means that I'm taking them at regular intervals, but slightly more towards the …
  • Wardi - I'm a tight Scotsman so I see it as getting three marathons for the training effort of one. From experience, as long as I have a minimum of three weeks inbetween each then I should be fine. Given the more stringent GFA times for London from…
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip March 15
  • Hi Wardi, I was at Barca as well. Never done it before, but a great race. I ran with my mate and was targeting 3:10 - we were on pace until about 20 miles and then the heat got me. When we came out of the second out & back section onto the beach…
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip March 14
  • PL, I'm sure if you ask nicely the hotel will oblige. Most hotels aren't that busy on a Sunday night so it's unlikely they wouldn't be able to help. If not, "shower in a can" and a baby wipe is the next best thing.
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip March 5
  • Portlanders, that's a  good shout re showering at your hotel, particularly if you're leaving left luggage with them. I do this every year, just ask for a late checkout and explain that you're doing the marathon, most people are really helpful when t…
    in VLM 2019 Comment by rodeoflip March 5
  • ^^^ what Guarddog said.
    in Garmin Comment by rodeoflip February 25
  • Good stuff Gipfel, sounds like you really enjoyed it, so thanks for the info. Another runner at my club ran the half and was very positive about it as well. Looking forward to it, not long to go now!
  • ^^^ what Shades said. A marathon is a long, long way to run (even with walking breaks) and will ask some very difficult questions of you. Your body will really, really want to stop you from continuing to punish it, especially in the last third of th…
  • SS - sorry to hear that. I think we're both in the same boat, my knee is really giving me grief at the moment, but I'm right at peak mileage training (I'm doing Barcelona on the10th of March before Manchester, so need to be a few weeks ahead of you)…
  • Thank you Max, you're only making this itch worse, and the wife hasn't given me permission to scratch it yet! The ultimate barometer of any race is the number of people who do it time after time, and especially where it's a race involving such commi…
  • 11 pages of discussion. He's just a cock, and that's it.
    in Trump Comment by rodeoflip January 16
  • Another vote for ignoring wrist-rate HRM readings. My cadence is usually about 190-200, and my Fenix 3HR has a tendency to somehow switch over mid-run to recording this as heart rate. Very visible on the graph on Garmin Connect afterwards - HR shows…
  • The only way I'm taking 9 minutes off my 10K time is with the discrete assistance of a bike.
  • I'm sure Melania would happily pay for the bullet.
    in Trump Comment by rodeoflip January 16
  • I see the democrats have asked Trump to delay his State of the Nation address because of security concerns (the secret service / homeland security are affected by the current shutdown). What's wrong with them? Sounds like a golden opportunity to me.
    in Trump Comment by rodeoflip January 16
  • Actually on reflection, I was pretty harsh on the guy.... ...... ...... ...... shooting him is too easy, and I would resent the cost of the bullet. Seeing the picture above, I think he should be force-fed all that "food" that he's so smugly pres…
    in Trump Comment by rodeoflip January 16
  • Paid for with this on money. Quite f$%&ing right. He's caused the shutdown and his own money has come from all the corrupt practices he's involved in, e.g.- putting up foreign (& domestic) dignitaries in his hotels, etc. We UK taxpayers paid…
    in Trump Comment by rodeoflip January 16
  • Hi Debs,glad my ramblings were useful. We've all done it, ooh a downhill, let's make up some time. Never really works. And yes, any strenuous exercise the day before a race will compromise the race a little. The Kenyans are famous for doing as littl…
  • That would be interesting, but there's already a problem. You mentioned "intelligent". I'm the guy who raced three marathons last year, two in record temperatures and set off in both at sub-3 pace. Needless to say, finishing pace was slightly more …