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  • Half was great fun last year. Am going to be doing the full this year although someone is trying to talk me into the ultra!
  • I used it and it is very good I found. the other free one that is easy to use is Endomondo
  • make sure you are breathing with your diaphragm (eg makes your stomach move not your chest) and as mentioned dont run too fast to start. having said that it takes me 3 miles sometimes before my breathing catches up! it may be that your runs are not…
  • sorry, like an idiot just realised your age is in the post title!
  • I have the salamon Xt wings 10+3 and have used it in a half and in a marathon (the half was to try it out and the marathon was an offroad one) I found it to be pretty comfortable for the half but but for the marathon with a full litre water bladder …
  • My suggestion is. (and sorry if you have done all this before!) have a proper rest for a week or 2, just maybe walk. let things settle and recover increase your fitness for the next few weeks using low impact eg bike and swim only. get a gait …
  • go and see a physio or osteo, rather than just the doc. they should be able to remedy with massage and prescribe exercises. I hesitate to suggest anything myself as it depends on what is causing the sciateca but often with runners it is the pirifor…
  • Emmy i've not run a long way on sand, only at the end of the Studland Stampede but i will agree with the others, find the firmest sand, usually near the water. and shorten your stride but lift you knees slightly more. dont think it matters if you w…
  • well blisters are caused by friction so something must be rubbing is the arch perhaps bigger than you are used to? maybe putting more pressure on an area that didnt have it before? is your foot moving around in the shoe at all perhaps they are a…
  • how close to exercising do you eat or drink something beforehand? could be that if its an intense session the intestines stop working (blood goes to your muscles) but there is still stuff digesting. could be that your hip flexors are worked hard an…
  • I cant add much to what anyone else has said, especially booktrunk! think she has said it all however i would just say, if you reach a week in the C25k that is too difficult, and you cant manage it, dont be worried about doing the week over, no o…
  • Ooh not many then!,
  • I generally have to get new merrells every ooh 6 -8 months or so, as the tread disappears
  • you could try the inov8 trailrocs, they are apparantly ok for hard packed trails etc. little bit narrower than the merrells, but may be ok for you http://www.inov-8.com/New/Global/Product-View-Trailroc-235-Aqua-Lime-Red.html?L=26&A=Trail&G…
  • I have just brought very cheap £4 ones from Tesco and have no trouble at all. they are soft cotton, Medium support
  • Thanks hatter and tricky for swimming input. I may give it a go outside now it's getting warmer. I can swim it's just I'm a bit breaststrokey (!) Never been taught how to swim correctly really so no front crawl experience Emmy you do make me l…
  • Wow, good for you hatter. That wasn't meant as sarcasm by the way, I cant swim well either but feel i should take advantage of being near the sea. Would you recommend improving in a swimming pool first before attempting open water?
  • Weedy can you add to the list My birthday 28th April (big 5 0 this year!) 14th September, Purbeck marathon Been reading all the posts and can't keep up. Great posting and great stories everyone
  • Stutchbury, it depends on the sort of trails you intend to do. If nice dry forestry trails you can wear your normal road shoe. If you are planning something a little mord serious you need more grip. I would recommend inov8 too for grip you cant be…
  • E mmy, no not camping, i only live in Poole nice and local! I am also supposed to be sweeper on another White Star event, the Ox, in May, so hoping my leg is sorted by then, or i wont be doing a lot! would you consider the Purbeck in September?
  • Having trouble keeping up with this thread now! E mmy yes i know you were there, i read your very entertaining race report and watched the video! i believe you won this years competition draw too? well done! i came in half hour after you, so you…
  • Keysersuze - yes thats me! well spotted basically just do all your normal training, but do it off road! with as many hills as possible. you'll be great, its totally unlike a big city marathon. look out for the ladies in pink at the love station i…
  • Whilst I had a great weekend with some lovely people I ended up having not a great race. Was hoping for a marathon pb (under 5:10) and was on track up to about.halfway. at 10 miles however I slipped at the aid station on some of the orange peel that…
  • haha! thanks Emmy, its probly the more hygienic option! plenty of bushes in bois de vincennes i guess!
  • Are there toilets along the route? (probly scary ones but. . .) I dont envisage needing to go along the way but you never know cant find any info on the website.
  • just to note that most trail shoes will be lower profile than road shoes anyway, as less cushioning is required or even recommended (the terrain is more forgiving than tarmac) and you need to be able to feel what your feet are doing.
  • where on your IT band, its quite long?
  • gutted at not being able to make it over there to watch these events this year! would love to attempt the cross one year. not sure i am ready for the marathon at those altitudes!
  • Not 8:8:8 then?