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  • I'm here to thank Hazel for her kind message left on Fetcheveryone.  Last Tuesday, I reached my goal of 1500 miles in 2018.  The Streak contributes much to this achievement and is approaching three years on NYE.  It's heartening to see that the came…
  • *decloaks* Hi, everyone.  I hope all the great MLR people are in great shape. Today was the 1000th day of my Streak.  Ran a warm five miles on Crosby beach - where else?   Thanks to Hazel for her post on my blog on fetcheveryone.com
  • An otherwise unremarkable ten-mile darkrun was enlivened by the sight of a couple with a Shetland pony and a lightweight 'trap' on Crosby beach, admiring one of the Iron Men.  Made me smile. 
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • In my student days, I was a regular visitor to Brockwell Park - just down the road from Denmark Hill where I lived.  Can't ever recall seeing anyone running, either in the park or on the road.  The boom had yet to arrive.  Went to some good concerts…
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Playlist includes a Tom Waits retrospective and some Brahms symphonies.  I listen how I feel atm.
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Force 5 or 6 WSW, so my constitutional 4-miler was easy out and trickier return.  Have taken to including running perpendicular to the prom until I hit damp ground and then turning round ands heading for the prom. Local canines were swittle-averse …
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Cooler & damper on the way over, JT.  Was out on the moors near Haworth a few years ago with some lean, fast KCAC runners - found a sheep stuck in a deep culvert.  No ceremony: two of my companions slipped down and, getting good purchase, heaved…
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Fine headgear retrieval skills, JT.  Glad you're enjoying steadier running, Nessie. ....and thank you, both, for your thoughts.
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Good running, Cal. And kudos to all-conquering lady parkrunner.  
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Good day, all.  Recent events have resembled the persistent dirty ring around the bath that no manner od product or elbow grease can shift.  In fact, streaking, eating and sleeping form the only constants. Hohum.  Last night - can you guess? - 10-m…
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • Good going, all.  Been rather preoccupied in recent days.  4 warm miles, beach & trail.  Met a magnificent Malamut and gave away a tennis ball I'd found. The Streakers' Streaker is taking on a huge challenge - read Ron Hill's story & plans …
    in My Last Run Comment by swittle May 2018
  • *nods head approvingly at Will's nascent streak*.   Googled Holgate windmill: "York's last surviving windmill and the oldest 5-sailed windmill in the country is now fully restored and producing traditional stone-ground flour." Cal - sorry to read o…
  • Good to read you're back leading others of like mind, Hazel.  Last week's semi-tropical temperatures have dropped and this morning's 4.1 miler over coastal park & beach at Crosby was just the right side of bracing.  
  • Nessie, of course you're disappointed but, tell me, without flying to another continent, how you might have acclimatised for yesterday's conditions.  Survival & self preservation: what if the weather had been like Boston days before? Once the im…
  • It seemed to be about survival at VLM yesterday - great effort, Nessie.  And Hazel, no shame in looking after No. 1.  The quicker you'll be back! snewma00, you must be chuffed to bits with your VLM hat trick.  JT, you'd have made money exporting co…
  • V wise to test run all race kit, Hazel.  And almost there, Nessie - the Saturday pre-Mara short run used to leave be feeling like I'd run much further. A mile into my standard 4 over the coastal park & up the beach, I hit 18000 miles logged on …
  • Shaping up a treat, Nessie.  
  • I prefer my Marathons chocolate enrobed with nuts in caramel.   When those final miles go slipping by, you taper types will forget those aches & niggles ever existed.  Nessie, your symptoms seem quite normal at this stage but you've trained t…
  • I checked the local press and the interwebnet without success.  There was talk of a family who'd got wet but no worse than that, so maybe a small boat was involved.   A perpetual motion beagle, and two dogs rescued from Cyprus joined me for short s…
  • Sound advice ^ Hazel.  I didn't run until after 9 at night yesterday, mostly beach & XC.  Some excitement at the former Coastguard station: ambulance, vehicles with blue lights flashing and people in waterproofs looking out to sea.  
  • That's a large slice off your time in 2017.  Very well raced, Cal.  
  • Whether I saw Cal or not, I don't know, but I walked, trained and trammed my way over to the Manchester Marathon to support a virtual friend from Edinburgh, who is now an actual friend.  She posted a PB.  Perfect conditions.
  • Productive training, snewma00
  • There's precedent, JT.      Did you have snow too?  One reason I darkrun is to avoid the more outré outpourings of the urban philiosopher!
  • Will, I'm rarely even off colour and would like to think the daily run supports this.   Time to rest those busy legs, Hazel.  That goes for you too, Cal.  Swift progress in adverse conditions, JT. Last night, darkrun stretched to 11 miles on a …
  • I feel in danger of picking up some taper madness here!  Full of admiration for the big mileage types gearing down for spring 26.2s and running long....because it is possible. JT, it's the getting out that counts: pace is a variable bonus imho.  …
  • Do the hard miles and they start getting easier.  Cracking work, Will! 
  • Good sequence, Stephen.  
  • "Avert your eyes" fits best for me!  Winging 16.2 miles seems to be a contradiction of terms, JT.  And Speedy Cal! 818 days today, Hazel - quite warm but still podging through the morass by the Marina.  No passport required for your riverbank run? …
  • Sweet 16, Will - well done - and great double-figure efforts from Nessie [those 20s seal the Mara deal, I found].   Impressive sub-26, Cal!  JT, there's a thread on fetcheveryone.com about minimalist footwear. Day 814 as & when I venture out t…