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  • Just checking in. Fast moving thread! I'm into week three of the 17/55-70. It's a step up from my last plan but I'm trying to keep the slower paces slow to keep me energised during the week for the mileage. So far so good but I'll consistently exa…
  • Useful stuff re: the GA pacing. For the first time I'm gonna try running them as slow as suggested so good to hear that's on the right track AND that other people find it difficult to remain slow(er). Well my elbow swelled right up last night, I wa…
  • I'm still in. Working my way through my first week of 18/70. My goal is to do the paces properly - slowing right down for GA, Recovery and Long runs because I think that's where I've messed up in the past. It's a pride thing... However, I fell of…
  • Thanks, Fergster. I'm going for sub 3:45.
  • After lurking on the spring thread, siphoning off the motivation for my own marathon in Manchester, I guess I'm in (this thread) for real. Signed up for Nottingham and I'll be starting my training this week, 55/70. I've used 18/55 twice and run 3:47…
  • I've entered. Did the half (my first) a few years ago. Always wanted to come back me do the full.
  • I also swear by P&D. I followed the 18/55 to snag my recent 8 minute PB ...in THOSE conditions
  • 15West - and anyone else considering it: sports massage FTW. I swear by them both before & after a mara. And as often as you can afford during training. Your legs deserve a little decadence. Look what they just did!
  • Thanks Alan. I actually ran up to 14 miles of Liverpool last year, pacing a friend round on her first one. (legit! I entered but decided in training not to run). Changed and spectated for the last bit. Enjoyed it thoroughly from both sides of the fe…
  • I'm in for this. Got to have something to focus on after Manchester (a PB despite the conditions). Happy training all!
  • wow, leeee I've just been googling 'how to beat the post-marathon blues' when all I had to do was watch your video. Thanks for that. You've just reminded me why I love running. And well done.
  • Ladyloulou no shame in bailing in such conditions. Well done.
  • Where was Paula! Ah man, that would have been a boost!
  • I agree with you, Maxpower. Weather made everything seem much worse but this was a fast course. I still got a PB even though the rain & wind destroyed me for the last 6 miles. If this race goes ahead again next year with the same problems then…
  • Cheers, charlotte & bawn-3. I'm now considering applying for london GFA. Charlotte, did you just use the downloadable race certificate from the marathon photos website as your evidence? Priscilla - I use sports drink & jelly babies. A coup…
  • Charlotte: thanks for the good wishes. Must have worked as yesterday I got a PB of 3:47:21 in atrocious conditions. I f I ever wake up on marathon morning with the weather like that I will stay in bed! Don't know how I did it. Gonna take a week off…
  • Thanks for that, Stuart. Lovely to get my GFA confirmed.
  • They've now removed the start mat times too. Quite annoying as I did 4:37:39 'chip' time which gives me a GFA. Gun time is showing as 3:50:15.
  • 15West: I found my gun time on the track runner section on the website. There's no link, just comes up on the scrolling banner
  • Well done all. Does anyone know if there will be a chip time for runners? Looks like just gun time at the moment. Thanks especially to all the marshals & spectators. It was hell out there!
  • Welcome delurkers & newcomers all. Bawn-3: I usually run 1 a year (since my 1st in Brighton 2010). This year I got roped into running 2 in 2 weeks for charity, plus 1 in autumn for no reason. I'll let you know how that works out Heisenberg: g…
  • Well done, Charlotte!
  • Be great to see JT back on here, Green Fairy. Is, TracyB still saying 'never again' Glad you're feeling better.
  • Lombster - sorry about the wedding. Glad you see the positive. And I'm running Liverpool. I hate hills! Just done a 10 miler at an easy pace. Trying to prepare for Manchester next sunday (cripes!). Everything is feeling ok - touch wood - apart from…
  • Cheers, Juggler. Will let you all know how it goes, obviously! Managed a not so easy 4 miler today. Still loading up on sleep. Hello all! Hope the recovery for you Brighton 2012ers is going well.
  • Good luck to all those running VLM. I'm doing Manchester next weekend. Off to see if my legs still work now
  • Can't believe how much I'm looking forward to this only 2 days after the race! Insanity. 3rd time running and I do believe that Sunday was the best yet. I have the Manchester Marathon to run on the 29th and I think it's going to be a huge disappoin…
  • I'm in! Pre-registered at the expo It has to be your year next year, GF!
  • Well done everybody! Everything went right for me today. A consistent run ending up with 3:51:09. PB and I got to run every step of the way with my best friend. Absolutely chuffed.
  • Nearly saw my marathon flash before my eyes this afternoon. Went for a gentle jog and got my feet tangled in a metal hoop. Think it was the remains of one of those paper lanterns. Friday 13th, ey? My housemate was with me & said she thought it …