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glo2 ✭✭✭

Well i am back, my son has returned to NZ and i have spent the last week catching up on things indoors and the garden. have not read back on the feed yet as i have missed so much over the last few weeks. i completed my 10 mile in Richmond park on 4th June it was quite warm my time was 1.41 i did want 1.40 but that was ok anyway, i did walk for about 50 seconds so if i had not given in to it i could have done this. it was nice having my family there to support me and one of my boys ran he got 1.29 not bad for someone who hates running an felt that i had conned him into it! My husband bought me a bike which i took out for a ride last week and as a result i seemed to have picked up a knee injury, so i am trying to be a bit careful, plus last week i felt totally exhausted so i have cut my runs down this week, i managed to do a 9 mile this morning i just did it a little slower than normal. 3 weeks on Sunday till my half at Southend, do hope the weather is a lot cooler by then.


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