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  • Re: Sub 3h15

    Good luck to SBD and Lorenzo today. Enjoy the whole experience and have a cracking race. Official results for Boston UK are in. 3:09:24 and 5th MV50-59 (51st overall).     (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    hi guys. Just popping in to say thanks for all your best wishes and wish SBD and Lorenzo the same for Monday. Hope the weather is kind. Could tomorrow be the day for which I've been waiting for nine … (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    GD - very strong 800m rep session - you are in pretty good nick! SBD - have a good flight out to the States - hope the weather forecast seriously improves. You've put in a lot of hard work and have h… (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    Yes, I usually find my first mile or so is slower - but not usually quite that slow! Leslie - good set of reps; that's encouraging. SBD - excellent tempo run executed with determination. Hope the 24 … (View Post)
  • Re: Sub 3h15

    PMJ Mike - welcome to the thread; always good to have new people join. I am 52, been running seriously for 10 years, and still managing the odd PB, so be optimistic! You seem to have a good conversi… (View Post)