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  • Re: Shades Marathon Training

    OTB-That is a brilliant result,how you done that over 2 days I don't know. Shades-I'm 50/50 about Solway,will decide in the next couple of weeks. Got out for a sticky 8 miles today,very humid here,du… (View Post)
  • Re: Shades Marathon Training

    OTB-Good luck for the weekend. Shades/Rob-Never done a 20 mile but I mean to do one,not too many around though. Thought I'd go along to parkrun today as I'm working late,not raced home for about 18 m… (View Post)
  • Re: Shades Marathon Training

    Big G-Thats a weird comment from your friend,barely ever been 2 places and thought they were the same.I listened to the interview with steve on my run today,he sounded in a good place so really disap… (View Post)
  • Re: New York 2019

    Hey Max-Hopefully as it gets closer more will chat,certainly mot just place for super fast people.I only sneaked in as the half time isn't too bad when you get to my age. (View Post)
  • Re: Shades Marathon Training

    Cal-Nice eventful parkrun for you. Rob-Thats the danger with self nav especially at the end of races. Big G-Cheers for the shout outs. Shades-Great to meet you and thanks for the lifts. As for me,ok … (View Post)