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I am new to the forum, and from poking around this is much like others' posts. I've ran a 1:30 half after about eighteen months of being new to running, and about six months of actual training. I'm a 38/m. I'd like to see what I can do and try for 3:00 flat. <br /> <br /> I tried my first marathon on about 30mi/week and bonked at 19. I ran a 3:10 pace for the first 16 or so, then petered out and finished in 3:30 (the last 2m were agony, but my motor was fine the whole way -- my legs just weren't). I see now that I had no business trying for the 3:10 on that kind of training, but I'd like to do it right this time, and I'm planning to run a nice flat marathon a year out. What sort of benchmarks do I need to be setting? Is a sub-19:00 5k necessary (my best so far is a 20:00, but I haven't trained for that distance)? Should I be gunning for the first 6mo of training for a 1:25 HM, then expand my distance for the next six months and build for the marathon? Where should I start?


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