I hate counting laps in the pool. Am considering a poolmate. I was going to get a 910xt but will probably compliment my forerunner 210 with the garnin 800 replacement that is expected next year instead. If you have a poolmate please share your views. Is there something better or cheaper I should get instead?


  • Hopefully Santa bringing me the 910, so I have all my christmas eggs in this hopeful basket!

    Did read some stuff on poolmate and did consider it, looks good.

    If you are in the pool and know the length, I did look at just using some relatively cheap lap counters, maybe worth a look.

    Sorry cant be more help
  • Im thinking maybe this is what i need:


    But would prob prefer a solution where I don't have to press a button every lap!


  • Khanivore - type something like `lap counter` into the search box and the first 5-10 results will give you what other people use as alternatives to the Poolmate.

    Type `Poolmate` or `swimovate` and you'll get threads on people's opinion on that gadget

    This reply isn't intended to be sarcastic; it's just this topic has come up many times and the answers are already out there for you image

  • Oops - did as you said and see what you mean image Soz.

    I think the poolmate is probably what i am looking for as there is no faffing around with buttons each lap. 

  • I have the finger lap counter and it is fine. Works as expected. Press at each turn. I do at each 50m so two lengths and it will count 100 laps so 5000 meters. At end it gives totals, fastest, slowest and average splits then press for each indivdual lap if you want all the detail but can take a while to get through.

    A quick double tap makes it pause. Sometimes fail to record a correct tap but rarely if just doing even pace - me not it at fault.

    Is it worth £25 - I would say fair value.



  • No worries image. When you have been here a while, you know what's already been covered.

    I have the Poolmate and I love it. 

    Be warned tho that the basic model does not give you timed splits over any distance unless you press the lap counter at the end of your chosen split.

    There is a model that does splits and can download your swim set data.

    I know you love your stats hence the tip off

  • Hey how did you know i love my stats!? Guilty as charged image At the price of the pro model though I would start considering the Garmin Swim product too.

  • I bought the missus a Poolmate mainly as it also doubles up as a chrono for timing runs so has more than just one use.  she uses it in the pool but whether she finds it of any use - the jury is still out.  she's been swimming since a kid so doesn't need it to know how she's doing but she's a crap lap counter so if it helps her for that, it's doing it's job!


  • I had a poolmate, it is ok but very basic


    I have upgraded to a Garmin 910xt, if you can find the extra cash it is worth every penny


  • I have a Poolmate Pro.

    Does exactly what it says on the tin, counts laps pretty well, only ever 1 or at most 2 out, not that I count as well but sometimes youll stop for a rest at the 'even' end of the pool and an odd number of laps will show, 25 metres out in 2k aint bad.

    The pod thing is way over engineered as is the data displayed once downloaded, but filter the data to get what you want, efficiency SWOLF score, stroke count, distance whatever.

    Got mine second hand on eBay £54.

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