prescription sunglasses for running

As a very short-sighted person, I want to get some prescription sunglasses for the (obviously long) summer ahead. I don't like the really dark lenses as they hurt my eyes. I'd like relatively pale lenses that offer maximum protection. Does anyone have any tips or views?


  • Should go to spec savers!

  • Oakleys. Expensive but the best. And they do an awful lot of lens tints.
  • Talk to your optician - they should be able to advise you.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I've not tried prescription sunglasses myself as I don't need them, but have been recommended by a few cycling friends, and I have a vague memory of someone using optilabs as well.

    Oakleys would be my preference as I'm a big fan of their sunglasses (and regularly run in them). I think the Oakley prescription lenses are very expensive, however you can still benefit from their frames and use non-oakley prescription tinted lenses.

    Polarised lenses would cut down on glare, so may be worth a bit extra to you?  

  • there is a website on fetch shopping partners called Kontrol sport who do reasonable priced prescription sunglasses for all sports

  • I use reactorlite type lenses in normal glasses for running - they provide UV protection and are not particularly dark tints. Prefer not to walk around with them on, wearing white trainers as I'd look like an IT geek!

  • I can't get on with contact lenses, so I find my reactolite prescription glasses are a godsend all the time, not just for running - beats having two pairs of specs or, god forbid, those things you attach to the front of your normal glasses that make your specs really heavy.

  • Another vote for Oakleys. Got mine a couple of years ago. The lenses are excelent, they're very comfortable and stay put when running.  

  • DAM wrote (see)

    Another vote for Oakleys. Got mine a couple of years ago. The lenses are excelent, they're very comfortable and stay put when running.  

    Although they only go up to (I think) a -4 prescription in the Oakley lenses, so not for anyone very shortsighted.  If you're going to put non-Oakley lenses in then there are lots of alternative (and cheaper) frame options.

  • Have you tried contact lenses Sam?

    There is a large range available, they do suit most people and most prescriptions.

    There are fairly cheep and easy to get on with.

    The best solution for you would be contact lenses with a quality pair of non-rx susnspecs (Oakley's)

  • i was buying (yet another) pair of raybans this week and saw the oakleys in store and a big sign saying "prescription original oakley lenses" 
    my running sunglasses are oakleys with the blue irridium tints, they are amazing. highly reccomend. 

  • Wow - lots of advice to digest image Thanks everyone.

  • As a cheapish option, perhaps try a pair of polarised clip-ons?  They're great for driving, and not too dark.

  • I wear varifocals every day but not keen on running in them.  So I bought 2 pairs, one pale tint and one dark tint, of NIKE running glasses from Asda Opticians.  The two cost about £99.  Really great value (one I wear in the sun and the other when its dark or not sunny).  Very comfortable and a great buy.

  • I bought Red and Dead glasses from Specsavers and paid for reaction lenses. They are great for running and can choose the tint. The only problem is when running from sunshine into a tunnel as take a while to readjust.

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