SEAA Cross Country Championships - 26th January 2013


I run for my local running club in 3 cross country leagues.  I'm not a quick runner but I really enjoy taking part in the races.  I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a qualifying standard in terms of time/pace to be able to take part in the SEAA Championships in January?

Also, I understand I must wear my club vest, but does this mean my club must enter a team, or can I enter on my own if no one else from my club fancies it?


  • No minimum standard, but course is tough, so you need to be confident over the distance and on hills. No, your club doesn't have to enter a team for you to compete, but you should consult with them before entering. I have been sole rep from my club in the past. Yes, you must wear the vest of your first claim club. You must also live or be born in the South I believe. 

  • My club take anyone who wants to take part - but yes the standard is high - no need to be put off though come along and enjoy it image

  • Providing they meet the criteria of course about residency/birth!

  • Thanks ladies,

    I meet the residency criteria, and can cover the distance/hills, just will be slow.  Will give it some thought as still have a week before closing date for entries.

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