Skins V 2XU

Hi I am looking to invest in Some compression tights I want them for running in not just recovery and I am stuck Between Skins and 2XU so any advice would be great on either Also do they work as good as they say ? Thanks :0)


  • Following their sizing guidelines - I found 2XU a lot more compressive than Skins.

    I'm not saying that's better - but I prefered that feel.

  • I don't think theyve been proven to work - some people swear by them and others dont.  Personally I'm sceptical - I've had them for recovery - cant say I noticed any difference. 

  • I use Skins for recovery after long runs, they feel as though they work but I'm just too used to long runs.

  • Have you thought about RedVenom? Somewhat cheaper.

  • any more info still not got a clue image(

  • They are all much of a muchness but you need to try them on so you can get the best fit for you
    Whats good for some may not be the same for others

    Cat is right, RedVenom are supposed to be good as well to throw another one in to the mix !!

  • ok am gonna go try a pair of each see what i think image)


  • I have Skins, 2XU and Orca compression tights. My Skins are maybe 4 or 5 years old and very different from the current versions but personally I favour the 2XU's. IMHO, running tights are excellent in cold weather and compression tights in particular are good for longer distances or harder training sessions. I generally only wear them to run in but would use them for recovery after a very long run or a race. They are expensive but I think you get what you pay for.

  • I use 2XU. I find they feel nicer, are more compressive, and they come in a lot of sizes so can get a good fit.

  • Wife likes 2XU, I have both (long & shorts), mainly for long runs as they stop BIG thighs rubbing together. I prefer SKINS as they don't have a waist drawband (one thing less to worry about) and SKINS do/did have different colours... Next pair(s) when I buy them will be cheaper...

  • I used to buy Skins but switched to 2XU which I regard as substantially betterimage

  • Update I got a pair of A400 long Skins for Christmas

    Did 8 mile with a few big hills in them and my legs felt fine after compared

    To previous runs so might be something in these compression tights

    Only time will tell I think I may where them when I do VLM .
  • I have various skins compression tights, capris and shorts, I like them to run in as they are thinner and closer fit than normal tights, better in the rain! I don't think they make much difference for muscle fatigue personally unless worn afterwards for recovery image
  • I only ever wear them for recovery and they do seem to help.  ASAP after the postevent shower and on over night.

    I only have 2XU - mine are looking scruffy now but have been well washed and still retain their compression.

  • Done 2 more runs in my skins and seem to

    Be getting a pain in the right outer side of my right knee

    Nothing changed in my routes pr intensity of my runs but I am bow legged in that leg.

    So wonder if my skins could be aggravating some thing due to the compression

    Anyone got any advice?
  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    I abandoned my Skins - they kept giving me back of knee pain. Basically they weren't long enough. I think the key is that compression tights need to fit perfectly and if you're tall or long legged chances are they won't so the compression effect is not quite right.

    I now have extra long 2XUs but tbh they're not really long enough either image
  • well am gonna do same run this week without them on and see if i get the same pain if not looks like i will be using them for recovery image(

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