Running with a colostomy

hi there, last year I had surgery to remove a tumour but in the process I ended up with a colostomy and a urostomy!

before I was a keen runner and had worked my way up to marathons! I'm trying to get back into running but Im after some sort of belt/band to help support my bags.

can anyone recommend any please?



  • A Karrimor rucksack?

  • Cheers for just taking the piss!!
  • What about the camel back waist bags...they fit in a bladder and have pockets etc for keys gels might be able to adapt one

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    I thought the urostomy took the piss? Not Cunk!?!

    Anyway, I'd guess that your doctor has approved this action and that you are not doing this under the radar. Booktrunk's idea seems like a good one but I'd be very wary if I were you. Having used a water bladder in a rucksack I have found it is impossible to get them to stop moving completely.

    Hopefully my 'wee' Humorous comment hasn't offended. I did hold back a bitimage
  • Have you looked at women's 'shapewear' underwear?  You can get a waist cincher, which is a wide, close-fitting fabric belt.  They're designed to hold in wobbly bits, but might be good for stopping your bags from moving around too much when you run.

  • Comfizz make the band that I use although I don't use it for running just for swimming. You can get them on prescription.

    I have had my bag for 6 years now. Had it because of colitis. 

  • Well, what is 'colostomy'?
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