Please Help!!!!! Calf is making me go insane

What should I do?

every time I run I get calf trouble. I thought it was the upper section of my Achilles' tendon but after a little research I think it might be the Soleus muscle. I am really enjoying my running at the moment and have decided to train for a half marathon but soon as I get past 3-4 miles my calf starts getting pain and that's me continuously getting pain every time I run unless I stop for a while but soon as hit the 3-4 mile distance the next time it happens again. What am I doing wrong and how can I prevent it?

i have tried physio in the past but the physio said physically there doesn't look like there is anything wrong and said it was more a conditioning issue and that I should do some heel dips on a step. Didn't really help

any help would be really appreciated 


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    Sounds very frustrating but you won't identify the issue without someone qualified having a physical inspection.  One physio isn't representative of them all and it can take time to find one you can work with to identify the root cause.  Tendons and muscles have a very different structure and role and you do need to pin point the area before you can start to work out how to address it.  Sorry not to be more helpful but the right physio will be brilliant at working back from the niggle to work out the cause.  Good luck!
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    I've got a very similar problem. For me I know the problem is overuse as it happens especially when I do two runs within a short space of time or if I try to run too soon after a tough session. I just remember to stretch it thoroughly after every run, and the only real solution seems to be to have more rest between runs and try to get more sleep too as the pain seems to be less/ not there at all when I've been sleeping well. You say you're training for a half marathon so you must be running distances your body isn't used to therefore you're straining your Calf more than you usually do. I know my calf problems are at their worst after my longest runs. Maybe try to reduce the distance of some of your runs if the problem persists.
  • Just thought I would update people. My calf problem seemed to continue to get worse and worse until I couldn't run for 5 mins without getting pain. I have had a bit of a turning point though with something that a lot will find obvious but I will put it out there for people like me who didn't know.

    my problem seems to have come from having tight hip flexors. I have an office job and sitting all day is a common cause of tight hip flexors which can lead to calf and back problems. I have started regularly stretching my hips and have tried running again with no calf pain so fingers crossed I have found the problem
  • Lots of calf stretches and core strengthening? Stops weak calf muscles being over loaded which causes the pain.
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    I got an overuse calf injury for which I'm having physio. Lots of single leg calf raises to strengthen the muscle for me. Seems to be helping but I suspect it will take all winter to really resolve.
  • I have had something similar over the past couple of years - it turned out I have flat feet, so my arch was not supporting my my big toe which was therefore in turn tugging on my calf muscle and making it very sore. Flip flops and those kind of sandals also made it worse. As soon as I went to a proper podiatrist (not off the shelf orthotics from Shuropody - I made that mistake) the problem went away. I hope that helps and good luck.
  • Romanian deadlift with light weights. Quick youtube search will show how it is done. Light rolling on the calf afterwards and olenty of gentle massage before sleep. Have a good stretch in the morning before you get out of bed. HtH. ?
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