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Hey guys! New to this forum so please bear with me.

Basically, I really want to start my running up again very soon but have a big problem. Ive recently moved to the countryside (perfect for the trail runs) and want to start some 10k training. However, I am currently living in on site accommodation and because our staff meals are all provided we don't actually have access to our own kitchen! Slight nightmare when it comes to training. I also don't have a fridge at the moment (but that can be changed) does anyone have any advice in terms of the no kitchen situation on what I can do about my diet? I understand this is a bit of a difficult one. So far I haven't seen a thing in relation to this online!

Thanks in advance



  • Once you have a fridge then there isn't a problem....if the site meals are good in general then just supplement with your own stuff....if they are crap then get a two ring camping stove and cook all your own meals from scratch....

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    i'm not sure i understand the problem training for a 10k should not need some amazing dietary needs, I can understand that if you are in an all you can eat situation the temptation is to over eat and then feel too bloated to run, but for that I would try and run in the early morning (or have some self control [I'm not being glib or derogatory here, I definitely have no self control when it comes to food])

    you could buy some packs of energy type muesli sort of bars if you feel you must have a post run snack

    is it all chips chips chips in the meals?

  • I guess that the meals themselves are probably not the most healthy and perhaps the meal times don't really work with when you want to go for a run?  If you have access to a fridge you could try some of the following ideas...

    Breakfast -  overnight oats (google it, I have just discovered thease and am now a fan!).  I use hazlenut or almond milk, started getting the UHT stuff which only needs to be in a fridge once opened so that saves on fridge space.

    If you have a kettle you could make some  flavoured cous cous (like the Ainsley Herriott ones) then just add some salad and some meat (unless vegetarian in which case substitute for appropriate protein)

    If you go home on days off you could make up some different rice/pasta salads and then store them in your fridge and then add salad vegetables and meat...

  • Thanks to all them replies. I know it sounds like a silly post but I was just curious to hear ideas. 

    Richard, yes youre right; the meals are very bad carb based and pretty much all deep fried, its very rare to see a bit of green on your plate too. I havent run for 3 years so my body isnt in the best of conditions at the minute (could be a lot worse though) so I am seeing the diet as quite an important factor. But I agree that 10k is a distance I dont need an intense diet for. Thanks for your help image 

    Elizabeth, I am going to check out them overnight oats. Sounds perfect. And yes, basically I work 3 day shifts and 2 night shifts and they are all different days each week, so its pretty impossible to get into a routine! A fridge is a must at the minute, need to make that my first priority! 

    Thanks again for all your help!

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    If you can store fresh fruit then that will help.

    Also as mentioned above things like cup-a-soup not great but beat off the hunger pains.

  • It's a bit of an expensive way of doing it, but the slimfast/Complan shakes (or buy the powder and make it up) could help if you're going to be missing meals because you're running.  

  • hi im 18.5 stone 6 foot 4 and supposed to eat 2500 cal a day at present I've started running 2.5 k every second day. Well its run down the hill, "walk run" back up
    I'm eating healthy food three times a day and snacking on nuts however I'm only consuming 1500 1700 cal a day the weight is falling off I lost 8lb last week the days I don't run I walk 5k
    I only started two weeks ago was a little sore at first but things are getting easier.

    my question is am I eating enough I've cut out all sugar and caffeine from diet do I need to up the calories or stay the same and hope the weight loss levels out a bit I'm happy to lose 4lb a week but even I know 8lb is not only realistic but unhealthy so what do I do all advice appreciated
  • GrenageGrenage ✭✭✭
    If you don't feel ill, and the loss is gradual - I wouldn't worry. I wouldn't want to drop below that sort of calorie intake.
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  • Hi, very first the past year or so ive lost about 5 stone through exercise but most importantly completely changing my diet from complete rubbish day in day out to a more balanced approach. Have you got access to a plug - you could get a small slow cooker and cook meals in that - leave it on and come back to it a few hours later, or can you use a microwave to steam some veg? Overnight oats are brilliant - if you can get access to a freezer then frozen fruit put in the night before is great.
  • Craig - im 6'3 and about the same weight now as you are. It definitely levels out - I found the change from one day to the next quite stark so maybe shocks the body. I found protein shakes as a snack worked for me but understand it may not work for everyone. In the first few months I was super careful but have since became more relaxed - its a marathon not a sprint
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    Well fruit is something I guess you can eat anywhere, but do you have a microwave? Tilda do loads of different ready to eat rices which you can do in the pouch in the microwave. They taste great, low in fat and there are so many different flavours. If you can get your hands on a microwave these will keep you healthy.
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