Calling all runners with heart conditions

Hi everyone. I am one of the parkrun outreach ambassadors (Heart Conditions) (Volunteer). Two reasons for the post. Firstly to make you aware that there is a page on FB dedicated to parkrunners who have heart conditions and secondly to look for inspiring stories of people who are living with HC's and are new to running or continuing to run despite/because or are using running as part of recovery. We are trying to make parkrun more accessible through promoting volunteering-walking-jogging or running as a means of gaining benefit from healthy exercise. Hope it's of interest and I look forward to some response. Thanks


  • Trying to keep this one up there for a few days so will add daily until the end of the week. Please let me know of any interest. Thanks to all who have read so far.
  • Last boost and thanks for taking the time to read. If you know any others who may have an interest will you please let them know.
  • Hi Straycelt. Thanks for posting this. Nice to see Parkrun doing something to make people feel included. I know when I got A-Fib I thought that I was the only person in the world with it, now I realise how common it really is and am back running, albeit slower and shorter than a couple of years ago.

    There's plenty of discussion on here about heart conditions, here's one of the longer threads.

    If anybody else is interested I'd highly recommend a book called 'The Haywire Heart' which gives you all the detail you'll ever need. 
  • Thanks Redjeep

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