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Looking for some advice folks.

I realise everyone is different.Ive ran 5 marathons,PB of 3:54.Im defo capable of better.I used to run 5/6 days but due work I can only manage runs on week days.I usually do 
Monday intervals
Tuesday medium run 9-11 miles 
Wednesday rest
Thursday 4-6 miles 
Friday long run
Weekend off 

I'm currently wondering if I would be better switching my rest day to Thursday which would allow me to add a good tempo session on Wednesday or stick with plan I currently follow.

Also wondering what people's weekly strength routines.Ive struggled with injuries in the past and tend to do a 20-30 minute routine before my run most days 


  • JokeybhoyJokeybhoy ✭✭✭
    Anyone got any advice 
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    JB - why don't you try switching your rest day and see if it helps? If you're doing long runs on a Friday then it might be better to start these on fresher legs on the day after a rest day. Your plan has a good mix of long slow runs and speedwork (intervals). Maybe throw some hills in for a change instead of the intervals?

    Re weekly strength routines - none for me. I pretty much head out the door and start running. Probably not typical, but works for me.

  • Hi JB
    New on here but been running a while. I would agree the only thing missing are some hill sessions. I mix it up sometimes short steep all out ( 20 to 30 secs ) with complete recovery or longer ( 60 secs to 2 min ) steady incline focusing on keeping decent form with jog back down recovery.
    As for strength training I am notoriously bad at getting enough of this in but when I do its core strength stuff . Can't stress enough how important core strength is for injury prevention.
  • Hey JB,
    Really, such a good routine for the marathon training. I appreciate you.
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