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Can anyone recommend a cheap pair of sunglasses suitable for running in, not looking for anything to fancy just somethng to protect my eyes.




  • I've worn these for running & cycling since june 2011. No complaints, do the job, really comfortable, havent got loose, once on they just stay in place.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I've got some Sunwise glasses, about £35, but I saw some in M&S last week, about £20, that would be absolutely fine for running.

    The only thing for me is that they don't slide down my nose when I sweat, and the Sunwise never do so I tend to keep buying them, the last pair lasted 2 years which is a long time for me.

  • + 1 for Sunwise - they're about half the price of any others I've had and lost!! They do the job very nicely! I got mine from here last year and they're still scratch free and in my possession (hurrah!) :

  • Marc.SMarc.S ✭✭✭
    I have a feeling sunwise glasses is one of the subscription gifts for RW at the min, subscription is an ass load cheaper than ??35, worth a look at the offers.
  • Sports Direct have some Karrimor ones in that won't break the bank - I need prescription ones though, so I haven't tried 'em - going to get me a pair with inserts from Boots.

  • +1 for Sunwise, cheap, good for running, and you can get spare /interchangeable lenses for some of them. You can do searches for local stockists on their website.
  • Thanks for all the reply's, I will definitely check out Sunwise glasses. At the moment they are more to protect from wind but hopefully it will be a glorious summer as well!

  • got some sunwise from marathon expo, seem well made and think online you can get the ones with 4 interchangeable lenses for about 20quid, mind you haven't had much use yet :0(

  • DMaxDMax ✭✭✭

    When choosing sunglasses, I found the main problem to be actually keeping them on, which was solved by a combination of sunglasses band that goes round the back of the head and choosing a pair of glasses that fits snuggly to the side of the head and round the ears. Its always best to try them on if you can. Its good that distance buying regulations are in place so that if things don't fit, they can be sent back as long as they are in saleable condition.

    Adidas are heavily discounted on some US sites. Some may say that the seller in the US can send them marked as a gift ... I cannot imagine why anyone would want to do this image

    The sunwise glasses look great, the Sunwise Peak ones look especially good, so do the Thirst and Boost styles. Thanks for the tip on that one

  • I really like my Oakley Half Jacket XLJ's - great running glasses.  I also have a set of yellow lenses for them which are great for dull conditions.

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