orange eyelids?



  • yes, very good point form jiggi
    thats why i asked whether the problem pre dated you using moisturiser on the area

    clarins OUGHT to be ok though
  • I think I put moisturiser on it when it started thinking it was just dry skin but it's not cleared up.

    Right, early night tonight after Life on Mars.

  • have you recently dyed your hair?
  • Is there beta carotene in your moisturiser?

    A friend of mine's baby's nose and eyelids turned orange recently (seriously) and it turned out to be too much vitamin A (beta carotene) which now seems to be loaded into baby foods.

    Maybe your eyelids are overdosing.
  • flipflip - good point, I'll check tonight.

    SLAW - why does everyone think I dye my hair? I'm not lp! ;o)
  • no
    but it is an amazing colour

    you should take that as a compliment BTW
  • Thank you SOG! That really made me laugh.

    I did wonder about your moisturiser too Ms Toria. I can't use Clarins - I get a reaction to it. I bet there is beta carotine in the eye cream ... it's supposed to be good for eyes isn't it?
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